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Fall Crafting: Make a Coastal Hydrangea Wreath

I love living by the sea and keeping gardens, but living in New England I find my warm days drifting away. One of my favorite things to do on crisp fall days is to collect beautiful inspirational things from the gardens and make wreaths, like this acorn one. This past spring, we planted almost thirty hydrangeas on the property. The hydrangea blooms have now faded to muted greens, browns, pinks and maroons. They are lovely in their own way. I snipped a few from the bushes that were just about dried and brought them inside to create a wonderful coastal hydrangea wreath for the fall season.

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Noel Lettered Wreath Craft

I love Christmas time. It’s one of my favorite times of the year for crafting too. Every year I make wreaths. This year, I wanted one of the wreaths to showcase the beauty of a simple and peaceful Christmas. So I featured a little tin church, some decorative sprigs as well as the Star of Bethlehem. I combined some off the shelf letters and a simple grapevine wreath as a jumping off point. The rest just seemed to come together for this lettered wreath with a little bit of inspiration from the Christmas season displays in town.

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DIY: Coffee Filter Wreath

Original_Caughey-Melissa-coffee filter wreath

I admit that I tend to keep things. I typically save things that I might just find a use for later on. This has been especially true since I started creating for HGTV five years ago. It’s hard to believe that it has been that long, until I look at bins of “saved” things that somehow find their way into the projects that I do. When we were cleaning out a home of a relative recently, I discovered oodles of paper coffee filters. We didn’t have a coffee maker that used that kind, but surely they could end up in a craft. As I thought, I pretended they were origami paper. They folded into a perfect flower petal.  Well at least that is what I saw. Wouldn’t they make a gorgeous coffee filter wreath?


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Friends
I hope you all are having wonderful holidays.
I’m taking a few days off to celebrate with family.
Wishing you all a New Year filled with much love, laughter, success, and health.
See you in 2015.

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Fall Craft: Wildlife Indian Corn Wreath

indian corn wreath

As fall days and chilly nights arrive, the bird feeders and suet holders are refilled. They help the birds that stick around during the winter survive in our backyard. The birds adore our feeders and unfortunately so do the squirrels. It was not uncommon for the backyard squirrels to empty out all of our feeders in a couple days. It has taken us many attempts but the bird feeders are finally squirrel proof. Instead, the squirrels can be seen with the chipmunks scavenging the delicious morsels that have fallen to the ground. We’re happy to share but most years they are in luck with an indian corn wreath made just for them!

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Beach Walk

The entrance pathway takes you here to the fork.  If you continue up over the hill, you arrive here at the ocean.

If you continue on to the right, you will follow a brackish river.  The beach is aptly named Long Beach for a reason, either way, you will traverse both sides.  Today we chose to walk along the river first.

The kids enjoy skipping stone as the tide was coming in.  In 50 degrees, it was hard to believe it is January.  Two favorite trail markers are the shell tree and the shell bushes.

As we eventually reached the ocean side, we beach combed and listened to the waves washing up upon the sand.  We found shells and beach grass that are irresistible to small hands.

Even horseshoe crabs molt.  My son found the rim of the skull in the sand.

Soon enough, we had completed the loop and headed home.   As we arrived home, I went to visit the girls and collect the eggs.  The only thing that felt like Winter today was seeing the wreath still hung on the coop.

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest