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Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Visiting Turkey

I had just finished dropping my son off at the bus and returned home to find four male turkeys on my front lawn.  At first, I did not see them but I knew something was askew.  All the girls were hiding in the coop while sounding the chicken alarm.  I looked up and scanned the sky for hawks.  Nothing.  Then I looked around the coop for a brave squirrel.  Nothing.  Then I looked out in the front lawn and saw them.  Wild turkeys were walking toward me!  Last year on the Cape we had one that kept attacking the mail truck down by the Kennedy Compound.  Click here for video.  Eventually, it was claimed by Ethel Kennedy, but boy was it aggressive and made headlines quite a few times before the saga ended.  I decided to go inside and grab my husband.  I had seen the video and listened to the locals that were interviewed.  I was nervous.  My husband came out and was able to take a few photos of the boys.  By the time we had found them, the chicken alarm had ceased and they had set off across the neighbor’s driveway.

Last year the girls were visited by a lone male turkey.  I wonder if he was in this year’s group?

Photo Credit:  Mr. Tilly’s Nest

Chickens Predators Stories from Our Nest

Sound the Alarm

This morning I heard the girls yelling out their alert call.  After a few minutes I decided to investigate.  I peered out the window to discover a male turkey paying a visit to the girls!  Oyster Cracker was standing on the log in the run.  All the girls were yelling!  What a sight!  I snapped some pictures through the front door.

Standing closely to the girls, admiring their beauty


50 feet between them

I am not sure if he heard the girls, realizing that Chocolate was gone, and decided to investigate.  Maybe he was looking for love and trying to start a new flock of his own…..I wonder if he will return?