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Chicken Coop Tour with Edible landscaping + Chicken Art Giveaway

We had the pleasure of keeping chickens for the past five years. Over those years, I’ve learned a good deal about their overall care, needs, and simple ways to make it easier to care for them. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been busy landscaping around the new coop and run and adding some sweet touches to the inside of the coop. It is still a work in progress, but I thought that you’d like to see what I have been up to! Outside the coop, I’ve planted a garden with edibles and chicken safe plants. Still in their infancy, I love to combine veggies, herbs, berry bushes, and perennials to give the garden a cottage look. Let’s take a little coop tour.

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What Can Chickens Eat?

what can chickens eat

As Winter arrives, free ranging reveals less and less goodies for the flock.  Covered in snow, most plants have gone to sleep that the chickens typically love to munch on.  It is important to provide your flock with treats during the Winter to help vary their diet and also prevent boredom.  When I was new to raising chickens, I was not sure what chickens could eat other than their feed.  For the past two years, I have tried to educate myself about supplementing their diets.  I had heard of taboo things to feed chickens, like chocolate for dogs.  These included potato peels, garlic, onions and citrus. So what can chickens eat?