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It feels like I didn’t sleep a wink last night.  I tossed and turned about poor Number 8.  Yesterday, shortly after my post, I went to check on everyone in the brooder.  In the middle of the brooder, I found the hobble splint but no Number 8.  All of the chicks were napping under Dolly.  I removed Number 8 and quickly discovered that the back of it’s knee was bleeding on the bad leg.  I can only assume that maybe it was pecked while the hobble was removed by the chickens.  I also noticed that the bone was poking through the skin.  I did not replace the hobble.  I put some Neosporin on the wound and returned Number 8 under Dolly.

Sitting in my daughter’s hands

Yesterday afternoon, I called the vet and made an appointment for this morning, but I actually called this morning and cancelled it.  Number 8 this morning looks much improved and seems stronger.  Still hobbling around, it is eating and drinking and in the middle of all of the other chicks.  The wound is now scabbed over with no obvious signs of infections or visible bone.  As for the foot, it seems a little worse.


You can see my foot with it’s brace

Number 8 has been holding the leg up while resting.  Perhaps because it hurts from the wound.  I am not sure.  The outer toes were curling under the foot a little. So, I took a bandaid and splinted the foot.  If Number 8 is going to ever walk normally, the foot needs to remain functional.  I think that I will try the hobble splint once more early next week. I also posted to Backyard Chickens my concerns with Number 8.  I had some very positive and nice advice.  People say that Number 8 can lead a normal life, even laying eggs if it is a girl, despite having a handicap.  For now, I am taking Number 8 under my wing at Tilly’s Nest.  If Number 8 does survive and turns out to be a female, she will live a very spoiled and pampered life remaining with us despite where her siblings are rehomed.  Number 8 is also the first chick with a real name. The kids have named Number 8 “Peeper”.  Peeper because the poor thing is really loud when I have to bring it in the house for medical attention. I have decided to name Number 8 “Perserverance” or “Percy” for short…Percy Peeper! I cannot think of a name more fitting that that!

I felt so safe and warm, I feel asleep.

Chickens Health Issues Stories from Our Nest

Splayed Leg

Poor baby, my little egg number 8, the Lavender Silkie, has a splayed leg.  The right leg is not working properly.  Since the baby was born, the leg was floppy.  Today, it is two days old and the leg is jutting out to the side.  I discovered that sometimes, trauma or hatching can injure the legs.  I needed to create a hobble splint in order to try and save the chick’s life.  I gathered my materials.