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Backyard Chickens Vent Gleet: Prevention and Treatment

Okay folks, this post is not going to be pretty.  In fact, some of the photos are just down right yucky!

Vent Gleet in Rescue Hen
Photo Credit: The Animal Sanctuary used with expressed permission.

Vent gleet also sometimes referred to as cloacitis or thrush is a fungal infection involving the digestive and reproductive systems.  Often the first signs of this infection can appear at the vent.  When examining the vent, it appears to have a whitish discharge that can sometimes smell like fermenting yeast.  The feathers surrounding the vent and backside are often missing and coated with fecal material as well as yeasty discharge and some crusting. The skin around the vent can also appear reddened and irritated. The degree of vent gleet can vary. Some cases are quite obvious, and others times it can be more subdued.  A yeast called Candida Albicans is responsible for the infection. All poultry of all ages can be susceptible.  It is not contagious and sometimes, although not often, can occur in roosters.