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Slugs: A Hidden Danger for Backyard Chickens

When my girls were little they loved dining on slugs.  Cape Cod can be a windy damp place perfect for harboring families of slugs.  Those slug families love living in our yard, tasty perennials are abundant and offer up a wide variety of new dining choices everywhere they slither.  Prior to keeping chickens, we used organic pet friendly treatments to rid our yard of those slimy little sneaky pests that loved to eat the leaves of our wonderful perennials.  However, soon after getting chickens, we discovered that the girls would go crazy for them!  They would catch a view of the slug or the glistening trail and look further to investigate where the tender juicy morsels were hiding.  I loved turning my flock loose to take care of any unwanted snails without shells. Even times when the girls were not out in the yard, I would hand deliver any slugs that I found as I went to check the mailbox or emptied my car from grocery shopping.   That was until Tilly got sick.