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Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Chicken Art from School

 Usually when my kids come home from school we have a snack together and then do homework at the kitchen table.  As my youngest is in all day Kindergarten, she only has after school assignments a couple times per week.  On days when she has no homework, she enjoys sitting at the table with her brother coloring.  As I was preparing dinner, they were both busy at the table working.
The chickens are often a huge part of what the kids enjoy drawing in their spare time, along with dragons, puppies, kitties, giraffes, unicorns and other figures from their imagination.  This art from my daughter.  Sweetly, with her brother’s help she wrote every chickens’ name and the trait that they are know for best.
I keep two large Rubbermaid tubs, one each, for both of my children where I keep their creations. Now and then, they ask to take a peek at them.  They love going through all of their work, remembering when they made a certain piece and seeing how they have improved over the years.  This chicken art is the newest addition to my daughter’s steadily growing portfolio.
Chicken art