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Chickens Stories from Our Nest

A Package Addressed to the Chickens

Well, the girls are officially know as “The Feathered Ladies of Tilly’s Nest”!  This package arrive a couple of days ago for them.   I placed an order from Treats for Chickens last week.  I was so touched by the thoughtfulness of their company to personalize the address label.  It brought a great smile to my day after the sadness of my last entry about Chocolate.
I bought all sorts of goodies for the flock.  I purchased electrolytes with probiotics, Nesting Box Blend, a Pest Pistol for my friend to use with the food grade Diatomaceous Earth, and something new; Full Crop Pumpkin Feed Snack.  I cleaned out the coop today and as I was doing so, I sprinkled the pumpkin treat out in the run.  They went berserk over it.  All the chickens loved it.  They also love getting the Nesting Box Blend sprinkled in the freshly cleaned nesting boxes.  It is like catnip for chickens.  I have never heard so much chicken talk as they scratch in the shavings to discover the delicious tasty morsels.  I am glad that the package arrived on Valentine’s Day.  I wanted to get the chickens something special too.
Chock full of goodies


Thought you would want to know, I receive no financial incentives from Treats for Chickens in mentioning their products.

Chickens Health Issues

Tips for Chickens from Our Coop to Yours

Well it has been seven month since we started raising chickens.  I thought that I would share a few tips that I have learned along the way since raising chickens.  They might make a difference in how you do things too.

1.  Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 1 gallon of water that they drink.  This helps to promote gastrointestinal and crop health.

2.  Mix food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) into their feed.  Approximately 2%.  This helps to keep parasites down and also provides the chickens with extra vitamins and minerals.  This also keeps pest from living in the chicken’s feeders and eating their food.

3.  Buy a Pest Pistol from www.treatsforchickens.com.  Fill it with DE and blast the nooks and crannies of your clean coop.  This will keep down any mites or bugs that like to bother your chickens.  You can also dust your chickens’ bottoms and under their wings too. 

4.  If your hen ends up with an egg stuck in her vent, gently coat the area with Vaseline and coax the egg out.  If the egg breaks inside, then you will need to go to the vet.  It can lead to egg peritonitis.

5.  If your hen has a prolapsed vent (the inner portion of the vent is sticking out), treat it like a hemorrhoid.  Put a mixture of Neosporin and Preparation H on it.  Keep her in a warm dark place and limit her amount of food, not water, until the vent returns to normal.

6.  In winter or a wet spring while cleaning the coop, toss the dirty shavings and straw from the coop into the run.  This helps dry out wet areas and the chickens will turn it into compost very quickly for use in your garden.

I hope you enjoyed these tips.  Do you have any to share?


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!  Even the chickens are getting treats.  I ordered a few things including more Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, a treat ball, nesting box blend and a pest pistol.  Boy are those chickens spoiled! 

I love the diatomaceous Earth.  See my October 2010 entry Fossils for Chickens for more information about it.  I also ordered the girls a treat ball.  It can be stuffed with all types of vegetables and goodies to keep the girls occupied from boredom.

I have always been intrigued by the nesting box blend.  I thought, why not give it a try!  Here is their exact description of the nesting box blend.  I could not have said it better.

Think of this as a daily way to ward off the creepy crawlies and bugs that love to bug your chickens. Adding Nesting Box Blends to nesting boxes during regular scheduled cleanings keeps your chickens calm and free of mites, lice etc. Can be used along with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Contains 100% organic, fair trade herbs, flowers and oils blended for a soothing and bug free egg laying experience.
Younger chickens often experience stress when they begin to lay eggs. Even older experienced layers can feel stress from time to time. Allow this special and caring formulation to benefit laying hens of all ages – your eggs will be even more wonderful!

You will find all of the above mentioned treats at http://www.treatsforchickens.com/

So with that said, hope you find yourself with some human treats of your own on this very special Halloween day.