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Discovered: A Secret Nest in the Window Box

Spring has taken it’s sweet time to come to Cape Cod. Still with temperatures in the 40s at night- mid May, it seems as though everything is stalled. Beautiful annuals that usually spill from the window boxes on the front of my home were also delayed. The window boxes lay dormant and lifeless. Still filled with dead, brown and decaying evergreen branches, it was time to do some thing about it.  This was not the first time, but little did I expect to discover a bird’s nest.

Crafts Family Fun Halloween Holiday

Halloween Fun: Tricks and Treats

I love celebrating Halloween with my kids. Both of my kids do not enjoy being spooked with scary masks or things that go bump in the night, but rather they enjoy the more whimsical side of Halloween. This year, we were especially lucky that my editor at DIY Network had kid-friendly Halloween crafts in mind and our friends at Shari’s Berries sent along a treat to top off our day of crafting. It was a fun day filled with tricks and treats.

Findings Gardening

The Umbrella Nest

Umbrella Nest- Tilly's Nest

Earlier this week, I stumbled upon this lovely robin’s nest. A robin must have felt safe and stealthy made a nest in the top of my garden umbrella. A few days ago, I went to take the umbrella down because of an approaching storm. I suddenly realized that I couldn’t. A nest with a single blue egg was perched under the safety of the umbrella.

Crafts Wedding

DIY Corsage and Boutonniere

One of my favorite things to collect are birds nests. Over the years I have collected quite a few. A little while back HGTV asked me to come up with a fun garden-inspired corsage and boutonniere, nests immediately came to mind. I wanted to fill the nest with round blooms that resembled eggs. Ranunculus blossoms were perfect. For the boutonniere, I created a ribbon wrapped stalk of flowers and threaded them through their own mini nest. I think they are just perfect for a spring garden wedding, prom, Easter, or even Mother’s Day.

Findings Gardening

Nesting Carolina Wrens

The Carolina Wrens were back this year to make their nest in the window box outside the kitchen window. As a surprise another couple, maybe one of last year’s babies, selected a very strange place to build a new nest.

This nest was built in the window underneath the air conditioning unit in our master bedroom.  It has been very productive!  This season the nest produced two clutches. Over the past few weeks, I had become very accustomed to hearing chirps and commotion every day around 4:30 am. This was the time the sun was rising and feeding time commenced. The routine became like an alarm clock to me; one that made me feel happy to know that the babies were thriving.

This morning around 4:30 am the nest sounded a bit frantic. The peeping was louder and I could hear the song of the Carolina Wren in the distance. It lasted no longer than a minute and then things settled down.  I went back to sleep. When I woke I glanced out into the yard from an upstairs window. I noticed something fuzzy on the back of the rattan chair below. I went downstairs to get a closer look. I had not a clue what it was.

As I slowly peeked at the chair from around the wall in the kitchen, I instantly realized what that fluffy shape was. It was the baby birds. All nuzzled together, they were fuzzy little bits of poofy new life. I watched intently not wanting to miss a second of this fleeting moment. Then, with the call of the parents, one-by-one they were off to start their new adventures in this new great big world.

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest


Findings Gardening

The Wren’s Surprise

A Rare Glimpse

I had been trying all weekend to capture a picture of the Carolina Wren’s eggs that they have built in the nest of my window box.  This is the third year that they have returned to the same window box on our deck!  Last year, we were deeply saddened to find out that their brood had died because their nest had been predatorized by a female Cowbird.  You can imagine our surprise and dismay when both the Carolina Wren parents were doting on a baby Cowbird triple their size! 

Finally this morning, the mother came off the nest.  Instead of discovering tiny little eggs, I witnessed five small little bobbing heads with yellow beaks open for a treat!  I was delighted and happy to see no baby Cowbirds in the nest. I was lucky to have captured this stolen moment. 

This morning I also found the eggs from our house finch’s nest have hatched. I featured their nest a few posts ago hatched.  Here is a glimpse into their world.

There were 3 eggs.  Do you see three babies?

Sorry for the getting sidetracked.  I just could not help share these moments with you. Now…back to blogging about chickens!