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Chickens Health Issues

The Danger of Mushrooms for Backyard Chickens

This clump larger than my hand showed up a few days after heavy rainfall.

Backyard chickens love to free-range. They love to scratch in the leaves, sift through grass, explore secret spots under large shrubs and dig holes for dust baths. Unfortunately sometimes, without even realizing it there can be potential dangers hidden in these areas. One of those hidden dangers can be mushrooms.

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A Leprechaun Garden

leprechaun garden
If you too have been trying faithfully to catch a Leprechaun like we have in our household for years, this leprechaun garden might just help you succeed.  We always seem to fail.  They dye out toilets green and they drop their golden chocolate coins, but they never stick around for long.  This year, we crafted a miniature leprechaun garden like we have done outside to attract fairies.  With a trip to the craft store and local garden center, this is a great weekend garden craft to enjoy with the family.