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Once Upon A Flock Blog Tour and Giveaway

As most of you know, I have come to have a very special place in my heart for my flock.  Some folks thought that I was crazy to have come to love, appreciate and value chickens.  After all, this blog was named after my head hen, Tilly.  She is a funny little whippersnapper who takes head hen business very seriously. One of her most endearing traits is how she loves to chat.  She narrates life, play by play.  Whether she is laying an egg, outside discovering a tender morsel, putting Dolly in her place or exploring the yard, she always has a tune to sing and a story to tell.  Often when I lock them up at night, Tilly is nestled in between snoring Oyster Cracker and Sunshine.  She is awake.  She tells me goodnight and I tell her I love her, and so it has gone for the past few years.

Sunshine, Tilly and Oyster Cracker by Lauren Scheuer
When I had the pleasure of reading Lauren Scheuer’s book, Once Upon A Flock, I was overjoyed!  She has written a sweet memoir about her flock of backyard chickens.  Finally, someone else gets it; gets what I love about my girls and adore about keeping chickens.  It is much more than the eggs.  It is connecting.  Her sketches make me giggle.  Her hands may sketch and write the words but her heart tells the story.  Yes, some folks may call me a crazy chicken lady.  I know better.  Sometimes it takes another kindred spirit to shine the light on things that are overlooked in the world.  Thank you Lauren, for shining your beautiful light. 

“…This must-have for animal lovers also features Scheuer’s drawings, which along with photographs, enhance the endearing text.”- Publisher’s Weekly

“…Chickens are people, too. They form bonds, have spats, make new friends and even fall in love…” Tamara Staples

“…This is the book I wish I’d read when I brought my first chicks home from the feed store…”-Amy Stewart

Once Upon A Flock is available for purchase today and available at all major booksellers and we are giving one away on Tilly’s Nest too!  One random winner will be selected. Item ships to a US address only.  One entry per person.  Giveaway ends 3.23.13 at 12 midnight EST.  Please leave a comment and an email address on this blog post to enter to win your very own copy. 
Tilly’s Nest is the first stop on Lauren’s fun and fabulous blog tour.  Be sure to check out the schedule below for more fun with Lauren Scheuer.  You can also find Lauren on Facebook.

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Happy National Poultry Day!

Original Sketch: Lauren Scheuer

Chickens Stories from Our Nest

A Chicken Runs for President


I would love to introduce to you my favorite candidate running for office this November.
Lucy lives with her fellow flock, a dog named Marky and a Chicken Mom named Lauren.  She has wonderful credentials and plans to do a much better job than any of the other candidates out there.  Lucy knows the issues and her platform is clear.
Lucy is running on the Scratch ticket.
She is a Barred Plymouth Rock; American Born, with family roots traced all the way back to the Plymouth Plantation.
Sporting a brain the size of a peanut, Lucy feels she has what it takes to take charge.
“I’m smart enough to run a Chicken Tractor, so I’m smart enough to run this country,” says Lucy.
She advocates for those with special needs like herself and her feathered sister, Fern.
Lucy endorses a sunset curfew. She also believes everyone should have access to warm sunshine and a daily dustbath.
“….And if elected,” quotes Lucy, “I will fight for every chicken’s right to ravage the vegetable garden.”
Lauren’s book, Once Upon a FlockLife with my Soulful Chickens, will be published in March, 2013. In the meantime, head on over to Lauren’s blog, Scratch and Peck, to read more about Lucy.  A good place to start is here.
If you would like your very own bumper stick to endorse Lucy for President, please send a self-addressed envelope to Lauren Scheuer-2 Fowler St.-Upton, MA 01568.  I might suggest, asking about the availability before requesting a bumper sticker as supplies are limited.

Photo Credit/Sketches: Lauren Scheuer