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Summer Day Spa

As we continue to endure this heat wave across New England, I have received many tips and suggestions on keeping the flock cool and not stressed from the soaring temperature and humidity.  I have, created a day spa for the chickens.  There are many options for them to keep cool and hydrated.  Today, I thought that I would share some of those with you.  Also, please be sure to check out Beat the Heat for other suggestions and ideas as well.

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Backyard Chickens: Beat the Heat

To a shallow pan add water, ice and fresh herbs to help cool the flock and encourage wading.

Wow!  It seems as though Mother Nature decided to turn up the heat for us on Cape Cod.  Last week, it was 49 degrees F and today it is humid and in the low 80s.  I’ve heard that Cape Cod really never experiences a Spring and today, I would have to agree.  The hydrangea leaves are wilting and the perennials look tired.  They will need regular watering in no time. The chickens needed to beat the heat too!