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Getting to Know You: Integrating and Combining Flocks of Backyard Chickens

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If you already have an existing flock and plan to order chicks this year, the time will eventually come to integrate the chickens. Since keeping chickens, I have done this twice. I have integrated adult hens and young pullets into the flock. It is never easy, especially watching from the outside. You’ll find yourself wanting to protect each and everyone. You’ll worry about every chicken and just want everyone to get along. The integration process takes about two weeks. During that time, it seems as though the pecking reminders given to each other lessen as each new day arrives. A new pecking order is beginning to form; some are struggling to assert and retain existing positions as others try to gain a higher place within the order. I have found that roosters can make the integration process easier. They will protect and mediate all their hens, new and old, regardless of their place pecking order. Roosters are known for keeping peace. Here are my tips for a successful flock integration.