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6th Annual Hug a Chicken Day Celebration

Wow!  It is hard to believe that six years ago I started this event. It seems like yesterday that I was down in Manhattan with the folks from Country Living Magazine . They encouraged me to start a Facebook page for Tilly’s Nest and enter the realm of social media.  Soon after I started my account, I realized how many chicken lovers were out there. It wasn’t long until I decided to create an event celebrating how wonderful chickens can be on so many levels. There was already a world egg, day but what about those girls that laid them? Chicken hugs are the best. It seemed natural to encourage folks to take a day to honor and thank their flock by sharing a chicken hug with them.  Now in our 6th year, I hope to see over 1000 chicken hugs on the Hug a Chicken Day Facebook event page. You are all invited to join us from your very own backyard. Simply post a photo on the event page and enter all these amazing giveaways from the sponsors of this year’s event. With their generosity, you can enter to treat your flock and you too. It is through their generosity that we are able to make this event what it is!  So take a peek at all these amazing giveaways below and for goodness sakes, give your girls a hug from me!

Chickens Stories from Our Nest

2nd Annual Hug A Chicken Day™

Did you remember to hug one of your chickens today?  Last year, after a great deal of thought, I felt it was important to honor our backyard chickens.  After all, how different would our lives be without them?  I am grateful for their eggs, their companionship, entertainment, lessons in life, the responsibilities they have taught my children, their little noises and their lust for life!

Tilly was up first.  I just love how they nuzzle into that little space of my neck.  Their warm little wattles and combs touch my skin. I can hear them breathing into my ear and cooing happy content little chicken words.  I just love when they decide to close their eye with pure contentment.

Please be sure to share a photo of you hugging your chickens today on our Facebook page or the Hug A Chicken Day™ event page.   For exclusive Tilly’s Nest merchandise that ships worldwide commemorating the event, click here.  

Special  Celebration Offers from our Friends:
10% off your order today only from Louise’s Country Closet– code “HUGACHICKEN”

10% off your order today from Mille Lacs Impressions-code “HUGACHICKEN”

10% of your purchase price today only is credited to you on your next order from Treats for Chickens.You must create an account to activate this deal. DO NOT check out as a guest for this one! Don’t you just love it ??!!

Coincidence?  The Egg Skelters from Manna Pro Poultry are made available today!  Click here to purchase in silver, red or cream. We will be giving away one in each color as soon as they arrive on our doorstep later this month!