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A Tilly’s Nest Quilt-A-Long: Sew A Chicken Quilt~ Part Four

Now that you have completed steps one through three, the front of the quilt is done. We are now ready to start building the back. With all those henny girls on the front, I was inspired to create some nesting boxes and nests- perfect for these girls to lay their eggs in! I am just loving this sweet and unexpected twist on this quilt and I think you will too.

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A Tilly’s Nest Quilt-A-Long: Sew A Chicken Quilt: Part One


During the winter, I always chose a heftier project to carry me into spring. Sometimes it is knitting, crocheting or sewing; something that cannot be completed overnight. This year I chose quilting. I decided to ask my Facebook fans if they were interested in a making a quilt with me at the same time. They responded with an overwhelming YES!