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Winter Robins

I have had a love for birds for as long as I can remember.  Our home is decorated with birds. We love feeding the wild birds and we keep chickens. We have tried to design our yard to attract birds in all seasons.  I guess I have a real connection with them.

During the winter time, the wild birds have a more difficult time foraging for food especially after a good snowfall.We had just a good snowfall this past week.  It rained, turned slushy, then snowy.  It melted a bit for a day and they we entered a deep freeze.  Everything is now coated in a layer of ice.   However, I was surprised to find some Canadian Robins in the most unexpected place.  They had migrated down from Canada to warmer weather. Much larger, than their American relatives, I could not believe my eyes!  Robins in January?!

For the holidays, a dear friend gave us a fresh holly wreath for our front door.  As I was walking down the stairs, I noticed that the wreath seemed to have some wildlife in it.  As I looked closer, the wreath was full of Robins!  At first it was only a few, then at one point there were over 10 Robins on the front door wreath.  As fast as they could they gobbled up the ripe red berries.  They were hungry.  I did not care that they were taking the berries from the wreath. I was just happy that I could provide them with a food source. This was a living wreath in every sense of the word.  It was created from living holly branches. It attracted wild life and also provided a food source for them to thrive in the cold.

The view from my staircase looking out.
A robin perched on the gutter waits for an in at the wreath.


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