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Mother’s Day Garden Jars

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you are like me, sometimes, it’s just so hard to know what to get Mom for her special day. I learned about this new company, Modern Sprout, that started with a vision to be able to organically grow plants anywhere. I love that they make it easy to grow plants on the balcony, windowsill or on the deck. My favorite creation of theirs are the garden jars. I adore growing fresh herbs to use right in the kitchen.The garden jars are beautifully packaged and reminiscent of days gone by with their mason jar charm. They best part is their modern design that takes the guess work out of gardening for even the most green thumbed challenged folks!


Make Your Own Infused Oils


I love using scented and flavored infused oils in beauty products, health products, and in the kitchen. Today, I thought that I would share with you how simple it is to make your own infused oils right from the garden. There are many processes and techniques out there, from distillation to vodka. However, I prefer to use an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil for the process.

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How To Add Herbs to the Coop

add herbs chicken coop
Fresh herbs and flowers dry along side mini-potatoes and garlic on vintage flower bulb drying trays.

Like most chicken keepers, I love spending time in the garden. Each year I plant and grow plenty of herbs for the family and the chickens.  In the summer, the girls enjoy nibbling on the fresh herbs. However, as the season begins to come to a close, we harvest what remains in the garden before the first frost. We then dry the herbs prior to future use. We use a few different techniques to dry the herbs and flowers based on their moisture content. Once dried, we use the herbs in cooking and also in the chicken coop!  Adding a sprinkle of dried chicken-safe herbs to the coop helps keep insects, mice, and parasites away. Plus I think it soothes the girls during their egg laying. To learn how to add herbs to the chicken coop read on.

Chickens Gardening Tours

A Very Unique Cape Cod Farm

Inside the hydroponic green house where vegetables and herbs thrive.
A little while back, I had the pleasure of touring a wonderfully unique hydroponic farm on Cape Cod.  E & T Farm is simply amazing.  Eighteen years ago, they began as beekeepers and began pollinating the local cranberry bogs.  From there the farm grew.
As you approach the front door of the farm, you cannot help but notice the neatly stacked piles of excess beehives to the side of the building.  Once you enter the building you discover that this is a very different farm indeed.  It utilizes aquaponics.  Not only do they raise and farm fish, but it is those very fish that are used to feed their many thriving crops through hydroponics.  Water from the massive fish tanks circulates throughout an extensive amount of planting troughs.  The ammonia rich fish waste is broken down into nitrates by beneficial bacteria.  The nitrates in turn act as food for the plants and the plants help to filter the water and keep it clean for the fish.  Everything works together!
This year round farm grows strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh herbs, a huge variety of mixed greens, garlic, onions, squash, beans, kohlrabi, beans, edible flowers and micro greens.


Tender seedlings
Early beet plants
Fabulous basil

Of course there are chickens outside too!  I could not help but notice the clever creation that they made to keep the chicken feed dry.  They converted an unused beehive into a elevated open shelter for a hanging chicken feeder.

The girls were all so happy to see me.  As I completed the tour, I tucked some rich green clover into the fence.  I had no idea that a place so amazing was right in my very own backyard.

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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Fresh Herb Garden for Chickens



Summer is almost upon us.  My daughter and I today took a trip to the local garden center to purchase more herbs for our herb garden and our chickens.  This year, we have decided to place the herb garden in the mulched beds around and near the chicken coop. We thought it was great idea to plant an herb garden for the chickens.