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Chickens Stories from Our Nest

A Visit from the Mailman

On the way to lay an egg

Yesterday, I forgot to get the mail.  I remembered this as my daughter and I were out feeding the chickens their mid-morning snack.  No sooner had we journeyed down to the mailbox, that we heard the whirring motor of the mail truck.  I had not yet met this driver.  I suppose because it was Saturday after all.

As he pulled up, my daughter was holding yesterday’s mail.  He smiled as he saw us.  I greeted him with a warm smile and an outward arm for the mail.  Then, he asked if we kept chickens!  I was a bit taken off guard but welcomed him up to meet the girls.  He quickly turned off his engine and got out of the truck.

Tuck the tail to get into the nesting box

As we strolled up the driveway, he had told me that he has always wanted to get chickens.  We spent about 10 minutes together.  I gave him a very quick lesson in backyard chickens and answered all of his questions.  I also gave him the Keeping Backyard Chicken handbook that I worked on as a board member of the Agricultural Commission and told him about My Pet Chicken.

He also got to meet the girls.  One by one we introduced him to the flock.  Overall, I think he was impressed.  He is putting his order in for chicks today!

Roosting after “delivering” her egg to us.

Photo credits:  Tilly’s Nest