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Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Allowing Yourself to Bloom

Tilly's Nest- peony (1)wp
Tilly loved hanging out under this peony bush in the backyard.

If I take a deep breath and close my eyes I can still hear her and even smell her warm pine shaving scented feathers. Tilly has now been gone for two weeks. I did a lot of crying for the first few days. The smallest most mundane things would seem to set me off followed by tears rolling down my cheeks. Yet as each day passes, it gets easier.

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Garden DIY: The Art of Kokedama

Kokedama a string garden adds interest.
Kokedama appeared hundreds of years ago in Japan. The art of kokedama is based on the age old tradition of bonsai. Kokedama or string gardens are often created when groups of these assorted plants are hung together to form a beautiful living arrangement.  These pot-less plants are wrapped in moss and watered by soaking.  They add a fun touch to the garden hanging on a gate, from a tree or even along a fence.

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Growing Gooseberries

I hadn’t tasted a gooseberry until I was in my late 30’s. I was in my dear friend Viola’s garden when I saw a unique bush growing on the edge of the vegetable bed. There it was with sweet delicate frilly leaves dotted with darling red green orbs. They were ripe. I picked one and popped it in my mouth. The skin was much thicker than a grape. Then the center burst. My mouth filled with a sweet tartness. It was unlike anything I had ever tasted. It was delicious. At that moment, I knew I wanted to grow a bush or two in my own gardens. I began researching gooseberries.

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Teacup Gardens for Mother’s Day

teacup gardens
This Mother’s Day why not craft sweet little teacup gardens for her to place on her windowsill, on the bedside table, or in the garden? I love to get creative in the garden. My mother in-law loves to garden but tells me she does not have a very green thumb. I keep encouraging her year after year and she does much better than she knows. These sweet teacups will be the perfect addition for her windowsill.

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Early Spring Gardening

Even though we had a bit of snow last night, I have been very busy puttering around the yard with spring clean up and getting ready for the photo shoot with the book. My favorite spring flowers are pansies. They are so lovely, especially the ruffled variety in this pansy sphere on my front steps. I just adore the blooms and they are entirely edible. The chicken love them!

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Rainbow Blooms

Tilly's Nest- colored carnations-001

Winter has been hanging on this year and despite the fact that spring is less than 10 days away. We still have snow on the ground and are expecting more tonight. During these final winter days, I love to fill my home with fresh blooms. Somehow they get me over the final hump as I anticipate getting into my gardens. These rainbow blooms did not disappoint.

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Behind the Scenes

I am beginning to share what I have been up to behind the scenes. I have been writing a book.

Lately, most days have been consumed with my book. It is on my mind constantly. There is so much that I want to share, tell and explain in the pages. My manuscript deadline is fast approaching. It is just weeks away. I have so much to do, chapters to complete, photos to choose, mock-up illustrations, editing of the pages, proofreading and placing some last minute details on the manuscript. I hope you will bear with me as these last few weeks come racing toward me. I have so much to tell you about the book but I can’t; not yet at least but soon, I promise.  My publisher has me keeping quiet in regards to the details.