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Fall Watering Guide for Gardens and Yards

As the weather takes a turn and ushers in cooler temperatures, fall watering needs in the garden change, especially for those of us living in places where we experience four distinct seasons. Fall is a traditionally a time for adding new plantings, sprucing up window boxes, patching or re-seeding the lawn, and maintaining established plantings. It is also time to adjust the manner in which we water to make sure we are properly nourishing plants prior to winter.

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Fall Musings from the Chicken Coop and Gardens

Fall has arrived at Tilly’s Nest. We never really had a moment to warm up after spring. Cape Cod had a cool and wet summer. We were all waiting for beach weather and it really didn’t show up. This happened a few years ago too. I guess things are cyclical. This past week cooler temperatures have ushered in. It seems to be the circle of life. We said goodbye to a dear Uncle who was battling an illness for a long time and now the leaves are keeping us occupied on the weekends. It’s a labor of love. I seem to have a love-hate relationship with the beauty of fall and the daunting amount of leaves that seem to return as soon as they are raked up from the gardens. 

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DIY: Copper Clay Garden Markers

One of our favorite things to do at home on a rainy day is make creations with bakeable clay. It’s great fun for the family. In fact, it’s fun for folks of all ages. The clay comes in every color imaginable and it is so much fun being able to permanently capture the kids’ creations. As we were sitting around the table, I spied a block of copper colored clay. How fun would it be to transform it into clay garden markers? With small cookie cutters, I got to work and made a bunch for the spring inspired windowsill garden.


DIY Teak Succulent Planter

Tillys Nest- succulent teak planter

As you know, I have confessed before that I have a terrible addiction to succulents. I love all types and find myself collecting them during the summer to integrate into the yard, garden, and landscape. Earlier this season, I was sent this amazing teak carving. It looked like a bowl to me, so I decided to make a planter out of it- filled with succulents of course! It naturally had a few holes in the bottom, making it perfect for planting. You can use this beautiful bowl inside or out to fill with things like pine cones, magazines, or anything else. It is that versatile. But, here is how I made this beauty. It came together in about twenty minutes.

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A Leprechaun Garden

leprechaun garden
If you too have been trying faithfully to catch a Leprechaun like we have in our household for years, this leprechaun garden might just help you succeed.  We always seem to fail.  They dye out toilets green and they drop their golden chocolate coins, but they never stick around for long.  This year, we crafted a miniature leprechaun garden like we have done outside to attract fairies.  With a trip to the craft store and local garden center, this is a great weekend garden craft to enjoy with the family.

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Signs of Happiness

This week, I decided to share with you a few photos that just make me smile and dream of warmer days ahead.


Fifi, our Black Silkie Bantam
When Dolly hatched her own brood of Silkies
Morels pop up in unexpected places in the garden.
My favorite, Lily of the Valley
Roses bloom near my favorite Cape Cod beach
Fresh eggs from the girls
A walk through tall grasses where wildflowers grow
Chicken hugs, my inseparable girls-Oyster Cracker and Sunshine.
So tell me, what makes you smile?  I would love for your to share this week, things in life that bring joy and happiness to your life.  
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

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The Snowy Season

This week was a tough one for us New Englanders.  We were hit by a very large blizzard this past Friday.  I have spent much of my time since then helping friends and family to pick up the pieces.  This time around, our family was much more fortunate.  Many are still without power and temperatures in the evening have been below freezing.  Today, I saw electric utility trucks all the way from Wisconsin-here to help. I thought I would share some photos.
The back garden
Spring in the back garden
Beehives in the blizzard
Beehives in spring
Looking into the front yard (see the chairs?)
Late spring in the front garden
Thank goodness I added the tarp.
Springtime near the hen house

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

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The Friday Coop Scoop


We had a very busy week here at Tilly’s Nest.  Most of my days were spent down in the schoolyard organic garden getting our volunteers trained.  This week we harvested beets, mixed greens and Swiss chard!  We also built a compost bin with left over lumber and hardware cloth.  It was great fun.

Back at home, the girls had their first real run-in with mites.  I think, for now, we were able to be proactive in our treatment of the mites.  With numerous defense and treatment options, I think that I was able to make the girls more comfortable and more likely to lay their eggs.  Thank goodness, I had read up on those little critters this past winter.

Autumn and Dolly are still broody.  Autumn is now going on almost 2 weeks.  I think that Dolly decided to go broody because she seems to enjoy it.  She has now been broody for 1 week.  Everyday, I find them sitting on someone else’s eggs.  Interestingly, Sunshine is intrigued by what those two girls are doing.  As I go in to retrieve the eggs, Sunshine runs in to see for herself the treasures that those two are sitting upon.  When I show Sunshine the eggs I retrieve, she tips her head down as almost to look underneath of the broody girls herself.  She seems to be saying, “Do you have anymore under there?”

The girls also got a treat of beet greens today, confused at first thinking it was lettuce, they were a bit surprised when they took a bite.  However, it took no time for them to gobble up every last bit.  I even took a large handful of the greens and compacted it into a ball and placed it into the hanging treat ball.  Tilly loves to play pinata!

Finally, we had our very first giveaway this week.  The last day to enter is today and tomorrow, I will announce who is going home with the Eggcellent Sprout and Grass kit from Treats for Chickens.  You can still enter up until midnight tonight. Good Luck!

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Gardens and Supermodels


My poor girls, they are so sick of the rain!  I do have to say I am too!  We have had almost 7 straight days now and I just had to get outside.  So, with dinner cooking and camera in tow, I went to take some photos of the beauty after the rain.  Can I just say that Sunshine LOVES the camera?  Well, she does and loves to pose.  She is so curious and somehow in that little chicken brain of hers, she must know that she was destined to be a chicken model.


Mom, whatcha doin?


Oh, you have your camera with you!


Do you mind if I pose for you?


Oyster Cracker in all her beauty. Her beak is healing too!

I always find the garden during Spring incredibly beautiful after the rain.  Everything is green and beginning to emerge from the ground.  Here are some of the beautiful things that I discovered today.