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Bake It: Tilly’s Tornado Cake

One of my favorite things about social media is learning about new recipes. A couple of months ago, a recipe for something called a Tornado Cake, came across my feed. As I researched it further, I discovered that there are so many different versions and edits to this recipe. As I read over the recipes, I realized that they were all essentially the same. Certainly, the cake sounded SO delicious that I was practically drooling. I had to make it!

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My Favorite Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich

I woke up crabby.  We had at least six inches of snow overnight.  I rolled out of bed and headed out on hopefully my final date with the snow blower and shovel for this season.  Spring is taking its sweet time on arriving.  I came in cold, wet and hungry.  The bowl of chicken eggs on the counter was calling me- breakfast time!  I am always cheered up by a good fried egg sandwich.  Even the simplest things quickly turn my mood around.  Thank you chickens!

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Our First Big Egg

Our 3 year old holds our first big egg next to a silkie egg

“Thank you Tilly, Thank you Dolly.”  I heard as I was cracking the eggs into the dish.  My daughter was at the front door staring out over the blanket of white at the coop.  Today I was so surprised when I was out clearing snow and attending to the chickens.  I did not think that I would find any eggs today.

It was cold last night.  It snowed like crazy and there was about a foot of snow blanketing the coop and run.  I cleared off the run and coop, changed the water, gave the flock scratch and then opened up the nesting boxes.  There it was; the most gorgeous large brown egg.  I’m not sure if she laid it in a nesting box or on the edge.  When I discovered it, it was in the shavings close to the nesting box.  I guess another chicken could have pushed it out due to curiosity.  Maybe she even pushed it out.  It was her first egg.

Truthfully, I am not sure which chicken it came from, but my kids were thrilled to see it and told me Tilly laid it.  As the eggs cooked in the pan, the kids were jumping up and down, dancing and singing about the eggs they were about to eat.  Fresh food is really something to get excited about.  There is something to be said about having fresh eggs delivered in the morning despite the weather outside.