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Giveaway: The Fresh Egg Cookbook

A few weeks back, I received two copies of The Fresh Egg Cookbook from Storey Publishing.  One for me to review and one to giveaway to our blogging friends.  This cookbook is part chicken memoir and part cookbook.  Jennifer Trainer Thompson shares personal stories from her flock and from her kitchen where cooking is truly a family affair.  She even interlaces some general chicken information, which is always fun to read.  Whenever I review a cookbook, it is important for me to create a few of the recipes that intrigue me.  I love to see how they turn out in my kitchen and I love to see how they taste.  Here are three delicious ones that I made during the review of this cookbook.
Shirred Eggs p.40
Creamy Italian Dressing p.18

Southwestern Egg Burrito p. 117

I found the recipes to be simple and easy to prepare with short cooking times.   A few recipes will require an extra trip to the grocer for items that you may not necessarily stock in your pantry, but can be found at most grocers across the country.  From what we sampled, everything had nice fresh flavor and accented the fresh eggs.  The author shares all sorts of recipes, some expected and some new.  Appetizers, main courses, vegetarian dishes and desserts as well as snacks are all included.  This cookbook is wonderful.  I am always looking for new ways to serve eggs to my family.  It certainly exceeded my expectations.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone with a flock of backyard chickens.

Ms. Thompson does include quite a few dishes that include serving raw or under cooked eggs. Readers should be aware of the implications and risks associated with consuming eggs that have not been cooked to 160 degrees F.

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Photo Credits:  (book cover) Storey Publishing, (food photos) Tilly’s Nest