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Day Trip and French Toast

Today I am heading down to Connecticut.  My grandfather passed away and as I am the only Granddaughter nearby,  my Dad asked if I would come down and help sort through my Grandparent’s belongings.  The home is a time capsule, it remains just as it did when I was a little girl.  The sights and smells are always the same, except when you run up the stairs of the home, that this family has lived in since the late 1800’s,  it is quietly sleeping. No one is there to greet you, pick you up and swing you around.

My Grandmother passed away about 5 years ago and my Grandfather about one year ago.   We are finally ready to begin discovering and sorting out their belongings.  The whole family will be making the trip today.  My husband and children will spend the day in Mystic at the aquarium, while we sort through over 100 years of memories.  Today, I have planned to have my chicken babysitter keep an eye on the girls.

Yesterday, the kids had homemade french toast for breakfast.  It is one of my favorite breakfast foods.  I remember having it at the breakfast table in the kitchen of my Grandparent’s home.  It is incredibly simple to make.  So, I thought that I would share it with you, as it seems so fitting.


A loaf of bread~  I prefer wheat bread, but a thickly sliced bread is a real treat.
2 eggs
1/4 cup milk


1.  Cut as many slices of bread in half on the diagonal, as you prefer.  I usually assume most people will eat 2 whole slices of bread.

2.  In a bowl, whisk together the milk and eggs.

3.  On the stove top over medium heat, in a large skillet, add about a tablespoon of butter to coat the bottom of the pan.  You may need to turn the heat down in the cooking process depending on your stove.

4.  Take a diagonally sliced piece of bread.  Dip it in the egg mixture on both sides and place in the pan.  Dust the side facing up with cinnamon.

5.  With a spatula, once the side facing the pan is golden brown, flip it onto the other side, as you would with pancakes.  Cook until both sides are golden brown.

6.  Repeat the process, depending on the quantity you desire.  If you are making a large amount, you will need more eggs and milk.

I serve my french toast with warm maple syrup and a side of fresh fruit.

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