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Almost A Week in Photos: Fear of the Unknown

January 23, 2012

During mid-Winter, the girls were becoming bored. Snow was on the ground and there was no where to roam free.  Small snow drifts surrounded the coop.  I had been at the feed store this day and picked up a Flock Block for the girls.  They lived in fear of it at first.  As you can see, they timidly approached this new stranger in the coop.

Once they got over their initial apprehension, they devoured it!  It lasted about a month.

I am away for a few days spending time with my sister and her new baby on the West Coast. Please enjoy these photos while I am away.  I can’t wait to return and share my adventures with you. 

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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Flock Block

The chickens are feeling trapped.  Mother Nature dropped 8 inches of snow in their world.  We shoveled out pathways beyond the coop and run.  However, the girls still think we are holding them hostage with this white stuff called snow.  The snow is too deep to go wandering across; one false move and they would surely sink in up to their bellies.  Boredom has set in and no matter the distractions that I create, they never seem to last long enough.  So, I did some research today and discovered the Flock Block which encourages “natural pecking”.