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Wind Eggs from Chickens

The last few days have been tough. Between Sunday and yesterday, the Cape was blanketed with another eighteen inches of snow. For the last few weeks it seems as though all we are doing is digging out from these one after another storms. The drifts are waist deep and even trying to refill the wild bird feeders is a feat in itself.

Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Someone Laid an Egg

Last night at dusk, as I went outside to lock up the girls.  They were all inside.  However, a bright little egg was rolled underneath the outside roost.  Someone had laid an egg in the run.  This was not the first time.  I am not sure who.  Here is the evidence.



Feathers is not laying eggs because she is broody.  Fifi is now 20 1/2 weeks.  Dottie Speckles is 17 1/2 weeks.  This eggs is larger than our regular Silkie sized eggs.  So, is it too big for Fifi to have laid for her first one?  Could Dottie Speckles be laying already?  I assumed that Dottie Speckles would follow the larger breeds and lay closer to 25 weeks.  Could this be a “fart egg”?  Typically, “fart eggs” occur as a malfunction in the egg making process and are about the size of a quarter.  This one is larger.

So, the questions remains, who laid an egg?

Photo Credits: Tilly’s Nest