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Chickens Stories from Our Nest

New Beginnings, Bright Futures


My last moment with Percy


Percy and his sibling, Peanut Butter Cup, made the hour and a half journey from our home on the Cape to the new farm this morning.  Last night and this morning, I spent much time observing the chicks intereact. I ended up selecting one of the chicks that was always curious about Percy.  In fact, last night Percy spent the night next to this little chick.  As I took the time to locate Percy’s companion, the little chick came to me.  It peered into my eyes, almost as if it knew.  I grabbed him first.  Then I grabbed Percy.  I placed them in a cardboard brooder and into the car they went.  I covered the box of the brooder lightly with a towel.  I hoped that they would nap on the trip.  I grabbed a check from the checkbook and we were off.

Next, we stopped at our local feed store and picked up a new chick feeder, new waterer, chick grit, 10 pounds of chick starter, and 50 pounds of grower feed.  We were not sure if they had little items for chicks and we wanted to ensure that the chicks would be as comfortable as possible.  I was nervous driving the entire time.  Every possible worry passed through my stream of consciousness.  No, this was going to all work out fine.

After what seemed like an eternity, we arrived at Maple Farm Sanctuary.  Immediately upon stepping out of the car, I could sense peacefulness.  I quickly was introduced to Cheri and her husband, the owners of the sanctuary.  I was instantly struck by the kindness and caring heart of Cheri.  She already had love in her heart for these two little chickens, especially Percy Peepers.  She was very thankful of the donation and goods that we gave to the sanctuary.  I took some pictures of Percy’s new home and spent a few moments giving him love and more kisses.  I knew, however, that despite the ache in my heart, this was the right decision.  Percy and Peanut Butter Cup were going to have a wonderful life here amongst cows, horses, fellow chickens, llamas, goats, geese and a large pig named Johnathan!

New friends
New sights

Today was not easy for me.  I tried to create as many memories as I could about Percy.  I wonder if he will remember me?  I hope that he knows that he is loved and that I did this out of my love for him.  I hope Peanut Butter Cup knows too that I will be forever grateful for his companionship to Percy. I’m glad that they will be together.  I know that that little bird will continue to touch many more peoples’ lives.  He is a special little chicken.

Interestingly, Cheri believes that Percy Peepers is female and Peanut Butter Cup is male.  We agreed to be in email contact with one another over the coming months.  I can’t wait to hear how everything is going!  Good luck little chickens and may your guardian angels watch over you.  You will both be missed but never forgotten.


Beautiful grounds

Maple Farm Sanctuary is always looking for donations, donated goods and volunteers.  If would like to help make a difference in the lives of animals, please click here.

Photo Credits:  Tilly’s Nest


An Easter Blessing

View from above,  sleeping Percy tucked safely by the food dish.

As many of you have been following the story of Percy Peepers, I was blessed with wonderful news this morning.  I have found a farm sanctuary about 1 hour from our home who has agreed to take Percy. At the sanctuary, Percy will be able to live out his natural life, however long that might be. 

I have grappled with this decision for a very long time. I have lost many hours of sleep and cried many a tear over the entire situation.  In my heart of hearts, as I watched Percy grow and develop, it became clearer to me that he would require much more attention than I was able to provide. With Percy’s bad leg and his constant wing flapping while getting around, I would not be able to take Percy into the house.  I also knew that Percy would never be able to integrate into a new flock. Most likely, he would be seen as a weak bird and constantly tormented by the others.  Percy would need to be in a separate cage.  Chickens also need companions.  Therefore, I made the decision to send Percy with one of his healthy siblings to the farm sanctuary.  His siblings have accepted him.  I know this because they all still sleep together huddled together on the pine shavings.  Best of all, Percy will not be alone.

2 week old Dottie Speckles pays a visit to 5 week old Percy

Percy is now almost six weeks.  I will try and watch over the next 24 hours who likes to be with Percy the best.  This is the sibling that will accompany him to his new home.  I will also allow my children to name Percy’s companion.  Giving something life that was not intended to live is miraculous in itself.  I am proud to share this lesson with my children.  I am also glad that my children were able to witness believing in something that given the circumstances might not have been allowed to persever.  Our family has all been touched by Percy Peepers.  He is a brave little chicken with a big heart, courage and perseverance. 

Our trip is planned for tomorrow.

If you would like to make a donation to the farm sanctuary where Percy and his sibling will go, please click here.  Thank you to Cheri for believing.


Photo Credits:  Tilly’s Nest