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Discovered: A Secret Nest in the Window Box

Spring has taken it’s sweet time to come to Cape Cod. Still with temperatures in the 40s at night- mid May, it seems as though everything is stalled. Beautiful annuals that usually spill from the window boxes on the front of my home were also delayed. The window boxes lay dormant and lifeless. Still filled with dead, brown and decaying evergreen branches, it was time to do some thing about it.  This was not the first time, but little did I expect to discover a bird’s nest.

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All About Double Yolk Eggs from Chickens

I knew about these eggs with double yolks. I had seen plenty of chicken keepers sharing double yolk eggs with their audiences. It has been seven years since starting out keeping chickens and we still were waiting for one. Then this past week, one of the chickens laid a huge egg.  It was about the size of two eggs and took up my entire hand. I thought surely, this must be a double yolk egg. At first, I didn’t want to crack it open. I let it sit on the counter with its sister eggs, so that I could admire it when I was in the kitchen. It was so large and pretty and I know that the chicken that laid it must have had quite to the effort to pass it. Then last night, the kids wanted eggs for dinner. It was time.

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Grilled Ham, Egg & Cheese Sandwich

Yesterday I was in rush.  As I was transferring eggs from the basket to the carton, I dropped one on the kitchen counter.  It was lunch time and I had a gently cracked egg.  I had not eaten yet, so I decided to make one of my favorite sandwiches.  Somehow, when egg, cheese and ham are involved, it always tastes good!

A slice of Rustic Bread
1 egg
1 slice of ham
1 slice of white cheddar cheese
cooking spray

Toast the bread.

In a pan, begin frying the egg in cooking spray.  Add a slice of ham and warm it through on the side of the pan not occupied by the egg.

Flip the egg, and top it with a the cheddar cheese, so it can melt.

Cut the bread in half, place the ham, egg and cheese in between the two slices of bread.

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

Chickens Stories from Our Nest

A Little Gift

I visited the girls today before we left on our week long trip.  Like most days this week, I discovered that they had dug two large dust bathing holes in the run.  As I admired their work, deep in one of the holes was a tiny egg.  I gently grabbed a rake and as the girls watched, I slowly pulled the egg to me.  It was incredibly tiny with small streaks of blood. This meant it was the first egg for someone.  My guess is that it belonged to Fifi.  Sometimes hens become confused when they lay their first egg.  Sometimes they are caught off guard and the egg plops out of their bodies.  It can even happen when they are sleeping!  

If this was Fifi’s egg, I hope that she will make it to the nesting boxes next time.  I can’t even imagine the chatter in the run that occurred as the other girls watched Fifi lay an egg where they bathe.  I suppose, the deep hole looked to her like a nest. 
We are leaving tonight on our trip.  We will be away, but have a fantastic week planned for you- A Week in Photos.  Please check in everyday to see new pictures from Tilly’s Nest.  We hope you enjoy them.
Have a great week!~Melissa

Chickens Stories from Our Nest

What Are You, Chicken?

Last night we had a blizzard.  I was often woken during the night hearing the hail and sleet hit our skylight.  We had it all; snow, rain, high winds, sleet and hail.  We awoke to a winter wonderland and a snow day for the kids.  I went out today at 7:15am.  I shoveled my way to the coop.  The chickens were very quiet.  For a moment, the crazy thought that they might all be dead danced through my mind.  No, they probably had a rough night too!

With neatly shoveled pathways, I brought their morning fresh water and scratch.  I opened the door to the coop and no one came out.  Usually, they can’t wait.  I tried sweet talking them.  Still, I could see them poking their heads out but they did not want to come out.  I went back to the garage and grabbed some extra scratch.  I purposefully threw some into the run while the chickens observed.  They didn’t move from the coop.  Finally, I went to the end of the coop where there is no plastic tarp.  It was covered in a blanket of snow.  Maybe this is what the chickens feared.  After all, they are snow blind.

I gently brushed off the snow, did some more sweet talking and out Feathers came.  For one of my littlest girls, she sure does love to say good morning.  Usually, I expect the larger breeds or the rooster, Tilly, Oyster Cracker, Sunshine or Chocolate to come racing out.  Funny, I think they were too chicken!  After, brave Feathers gave everyone the okay, they all came running out to begin their morning routine.  Today, they were not happy about the snow, nor was I. But I know that they still must be happy overall.   I had a warm egg waiting in the box for me this morning.