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Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Meet Sara

sara our miniature schnauzer
Last Saturday, we picked up the newest addition to our family, a Miniature Schnauzer.  My son named her Sara.  She is such a love and is a very good little girl.  We are so happy to have a dog back in the house.  I am also looking forward to her getting to know Tilly and the girls come warmer weather.  For now, they have glanced at one another from a distance.  Initially, when the chickens would see her outside, they would sound the alarm.  Confused, jealous or a bit nervous, Tilly and the girls wanted me to know their feelings.  I am looking forward to training her to be sweet little guard dog for the chickens.
Tomorrow I am headed to the biggest poultry show in New England, The Northeastern Poultry Congress.  I will be attending with a few other chicken friends. If you happen to be there, meet me near the mini-snack bar at lunch.  Be sure to introduce yourself!  I would love to meet you in person.
Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Dog Gone It

New neighbors have moved in 3 doors down.  They have been here since late last fall.  I have yet to meet them but I have met their dog.  Their dog seems to never be on a leash.  Typically, I would see him roaming around their yard, but now, their boxer, has paid my chickens a visit, twice. 

This week, I happened to be in the yard.  It was late morning on a weekday.  I was in the backyard and I heard the chicken alarm go off.  I ran to the coop and saw Oyster Cracker standing on top of a log sounding the alarm.  The dog stared for a few moments then darted off as I approached.  Clearly, the chickens were upset.  Thank goodness they were not free-ranging as they usually do when I am in the yard.  I might have lost a chicken to that dog! 

So, now the dilemma ensues.  Do I approach the neighbors and ask them to leash the dog?  Do I stop free ranging my girls?  What if the neighbors say they will keep their dog tied up only to find out they forget?  Is it worth the risk?  I certainly do not want to upset anyone in this situation.  Therefore, I have been thinking about reworking the chicken set-up.  I love to let them free-range and it seems they are happiest when they can.  However, it seems to be a fading possibility.  I might need to make the run larger with no more free-ranging.  How sad.

So I guess today, I will pay the neighbors a visit.  I will bring a dozen fresh eggs as a peace offering and ask them kindly to please keep their dog tied up.  I hear a dozen eggs can help to build friendships.  Wish me luck!