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Coccidiosis in Backyard Chickens

Wet weather and dirty water can make it rear its’ ugly head.  With all the rain we have been having, I want to make sure that all of our fellow chicken keepers are diligent out there to prevent it and other types of nasty illnesses that can harm their own feathered families. So what exactly is it and how do I prevent it?Coccidiosis ( käk-si-dē-ō-ses) is an illness caused by protozoa. There are 11 types that can affect chickens.  These parasites can live inside a host (chicken) or outside as well and loves wet moist conditions.  Chickens that appear healthy, shed the parasites in their stools.  With proper conditions, these microscopic parasites can multiply.  Chickens through scavenging, ingesting contaminated foods and drinking from contaminated water, such as puddles in the run, not knowingly, infect themselves.