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Chickens Seasonal Care Stories from Our Nest

Free-ranging Fun

Yesterday, it was week one of fall clean-up around here.  I mowed the lawn, raked up the leaves and saved the best for last, cleaning out the chicken coop!  The girls always look forward to this because they love to free-range as I clean their house and run.  I let them out.  Tilly is always first.  Cautiously she pokes her head out from the run door.  Once the coast is deemed clear, she and the rest of the girls come out to explore.  The first stop is the wood chips.  They love to make a mess, digging and scratching.  It looks to me like they are revving their motorcycles, especially the little Silkies!  Over time, they meander down into the grass and the woods announcing every tiny bug, grub and other tasty morsels that meet their beaks.


Finally when the free ranging is done, all it takes is a shake of the Chicken Crack bag and me to yell out, “Giiirrrrrrrllllllsssss.”  They come running, giddy with excitement.  Their crops are full but they always find room for more.  I toss some Chicken Crack into the run and like popcorn, the girls one by one can’t wait to go back into the run!  Today, Dolly was the last one, stuck on the other side of the run, frantic to get in with her sisters.  I scooped her up, took off her hen saddle for a washing and plopped her in with her feathered family.  All is well in their world.  Well almost, poor Oyster Cracker is currently tailless due to molting.

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest