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Heated Poultry Waterer Giveaway from Premier 1 Supplies

Over the last few years, I’ve become acquainted with the products offered by Premier 1 Supplies. They are such a wonderful resource for me at the Mother Earth News Fairs and I was very excited when the opportunity came to try their new heated poultry waterer. Tending to frozen waterers in the winter is one of the things that chicken keepers struggle with the most. As I am sure you can guess, I am excited to try out this new waterer.


Giveaway: Brite Tap Chicken Waterer

Yes, it is true!  We are giving away another Brite Tap Chicken Waterer from our sponsor, ChickenWaterer.com!  Chick season is upon us and this is a great option for those of you who are just getting started.  I cannot think of any other chicken waterer that grows up with your flock as this waterer does!

You can teach your chicks to drink from this waterer from day one.  As they grow, it is simple, all you have to do is raise the height of the waterer.  My flock loves drinking from this waterer and the best part is that the water stays clean all day long.  It is easy to refill and fun to watch the chickens drink from below.  It did not take my adult flock long to learn how to use the waterer.  Who says chickens aren’t smart? Or maybe it is because this waterer is so simple.  Either way, this is a wonderful option for those of us with smaller flocks.  To see more of its great features click here.

Here are some of the benefits of using the BriteTap Chicken Waterer for your flock:

•Complete watering system for as many as 16 chickens.
• Keeps water sparkling clean and hygienic.
• Proximity to water tank prevents chickens from perching on top.
• Set up in less than two minutes. No special tools are needed.
• Insulated cooler keeps water cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
• Clear plastic design & clean out plugs make it easy to access the interior for cleaning.
• Works for baby chicks, chickens, ducks and other small fowl.
• Side mounting position of valves allow you to place waterer on a flat surface.

Enter to Win
this Brite Tap Combo Pack
approximate retail value + shipping $69

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The Fine Print: Contest ends 3/31/13 at 12 noon EST. One randomly selected winner will win a Brite Tap Combo Pack. This item will ship to a US address only. Disclosure: I have received a complimentary Brite Tap Combo Pack from ChickenWaterer.com to use with my own flock. However, the opinions that I have shared in this post are all my own.


Giveaway: A BriteTap Combo Pack

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you our newest sponsor, chickenwaterer.com.  I have to tell you that their product has revolutionized my flocks’ waterer.  No matter who I talk to, providing a clean water source for your chickens is one of the difficulties that chicken keepers face. No matter the flock size, somehow traditional waterers always seem to get a bit mucky by the end of the day.  The Brite Tap waterer is now available as a smart and viable option to keep your flock’s water crystal clear and free from possible water borne illnesses. 
The Brite Tap waterer can be used with an array of various types of containers.  The possibilities are endless.  The Brite Tap Combo Pack, that we are giving away, comes with the red cooler and the BriteTap waterer.
Easily assembled, the waterer is filled and place at eye level with your flock.  Once introduced, it does not take long for the chickens to get the hang of it.  They seem to learn from one another quite quickly.
It took Tilly and the girls a few hours to figure out how to use this waterer.  In the Northeast, it has been cold and the waterer has worked nicely as long as we do not go into freezing conditions.  I fill the cooler with warm water in the morning and at the end of the day, I remove it from the coop and place it in the garage to prevent it from freezing.  There are other helpful techniques on the website too to help deal with freezing temperatures.   On days when I expect icy temperatures, I use the traditional waterers.  The girls do not mind interchanging. Yet, I do have to say that I am most looking forward to filling our Brite Tap Combo Pack with cool refreshing water in the summer.  I know the girls will appreciate drinking crystal clear, chilled water from the cooler that lasts the day during the summer heat!

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The Fine Print: Contest ends 1/19/13 at 12 noon EST. Four possible entries per person/one comment only. One randomly selected winner will win a Brite Tap Combo Pack.  This item will ship to a US address only.  Disclosure:  I have received a complimentary Brite Tap Combo Pack from chickenwaterer.com to use with my own flock.  However, the opinions that I have shared in this post are all my own.

Photo/Video Credit:  chickenwaterer.com