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Giveaway: A Chicken Sign and Chicken Aprons

I was contacted a few months ago by chickenarmor.com.  They wanted to share with me their website along with their products- chickens signs and aprons.  As many of you know, last year I was excited to even discover that things such as chicken aprons were on the market to keep my Silkies safe while they were broody in the nesting boxes.  After all, I credited the the design of the hen apron for saving Dolly’s life. Since, then I have been a big fan and advocate of hen apron (also known as saddles).  They are fantastic to cover healing back wounds from feather pecking and over-amorous roosters.  They also are terrific as preventatives too. I always place hen apron on my Silkies when we are scheduled to go out of town because they are always going broody.

Predator eyes are affixed to the bases of the aprons.

Traditional hen aprons are created from fabric, snaps and elastic bands.  The ones offered from chickenarmor.com are different.  They are no frills but all function and are incredibly cost effective for large flock owners. They are created from a puncture proof, weatherproof type of material that reminds me of oil cloth. They are absent of snaps and elastics and come in one piece.  With a bit of finessing, they slip on over the wings. They are not as easy as the other saddles to put on the chickens but I easily caught on in no time at all.  My favorite part of the hen aprons are the eyes that deter predators.  Finally, another viable option that would work to deter birds of prey when flocks free-range. These aprons could easily be applied to flocks that are out during free-ranging and removed during times when they are locked safe in the coop. They are made in Colorado and come in two sizes, bantam or standard.

Chickenarmor.com also hand crafts many chicken signs.  They are great fun and would add charm and whimsy to the side of your chicken coop or garden gate.  They are 12″ x 18″ or 18″x24″, UV resistant and fully waterproof.  Some can even can be customized to your liking.

The Giveaway
1st Prize~ Your choice of a 12″x18″ sign & 20 aprons with eyes.
2nd Prize~10 aprons with eyes
3rd Prize~10 aprons with eyes
4th Prize~ 10 aprons with eyes
5th Prize~ 10 aprons with eyes
Chickenarmor.com will ship internationally

Here is How To Enter
Three possible entries per person

1.  Visit chickenarmor.com and tell me what you would put on your wishlist (1 entry).
2.  Visit chickenarmor.com on Facebook and tell them Tilly sent you (1entry).
3.  Followers of this blog receive a bonus entry. Options are on the right.
4.  You must leave a comment on this post. Be sure to mention your wishlist item, if you said hello on Facebook and if you are a follower of our blog.  Be sure to leave an email or other way for me to contact you.

Special bonus-coupon code for 10% off your order.  Enter LUVSTILLY1 at checkout.

The Fine Print:  Contest ends 1/6/13 at 12 noon EST.  Three entries per person/one comment only. Items will ship to US and International addresses.  A total of five winners will be randomly selected.  As with the use of any aprons, be sure to check underneath as poultry mites and lice can congregate under the safety of all types of chicken saddles, aprons or hen savers no matter the company that manufactures them. There is no guarantee by chickenarmor.com that the predator proof eyes will prevent all attacks by predators from the sky and land.  They are to be used as a deterrent. Disclosure: I received complimentary aprons, but the opinions that I have expressed in this post are all my own.

Photo Credit:  chickenarmor.com and Tilly’s Nest