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Chickens Seasonal Care Stories from Our Nest

Caught in the Storm

Dry Fifi

Last night, I could hear distant rumbles of thunder.  I knew the rain was coming.  The sky began to quickly darken.  Another, rumble,  I could tell we were not going to be spared.  I went outside to warn the girls.  I could smell the rain on the summery breeze.  The temperature was dropping.  The girls were completely unfazed.  To them, they still had 2 hours left to hang out in the run!

Then, as I was washing up the last of the dishes from dinner, giant rain drops fell from the sky.  The first sparse few began to turn into a steady rain.  I dried off the pan and then went out into the garage.  It was a complete torrential downpour.  I swore I also saw tiny beads of hail!  The thunder and lightening was crashing all around me.  Dangerously, I grabbed the umbrella.  I had to check on the girls. Surely, they would all be inside now.

As I got closer, it was so dark that I did not initially see anyone at first.  I squatted down as low to the ground as I could with the umbrella overhead.  I opened the run door.  Then, in the corner of the run in front of the door was Fifi, lowest on the pecking order.  She was the only one standing in the run.  She was soaked.  Her tiny little body was drenched.  Every feather was heavy, wet and weighed down.  She was like a statue.  Poor little thing, she was just standing there.  Barely a handful in size, I scooped her up.  She squawked as I put her through the door into the coop.  I quickly closed the door.

I am not entirely sure why Fifi was still outside.  Perhaps it had something to do with the pecking order.  Or, perhaps she was just taking a chicken shower.  Nonetheless, Mama Hen had to intervene.  It was raining cats and dogs!

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest