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Party Planning

Tomorrow our original flock, Tilly, Oyster Cracker, Sunshine and Feathers, will be one year old.  I can not believe that one year has passed since these feathered beauties entered our lives.  We view our girls as pets with “livestock benefits”–eggs.  We also continue to be grateful for all of their beautiful wisdom, their lessons about life and their entertaining antics.  All this really got me thinking, we should throw a party.

I have heard of people throwing parties for dogs but not chickens.  I know the least I want to do is make them some sort of birthday cake.  I headed over to Backyard Chickens and went into their forum.  Wow, unbelievably, up popped all sorts of links on creating birthday cakes for chickens.

Apparently, they need to be sugarless and you can base them off of cakes that you make for dogs.  I found great yummy recipes for a few different ones.  I am thinking about a sugarless corn cake, frosted with plain yogurt and topped with some fresh berries.  I think the girls will love it!  Hopefully, Tilly will share.

Today is the last day of school for the kids.  So, I will get them in on the party planning this afternoon.  I can’t wait to tell you all about our chicken birthday party tomorrow.