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From Lake Winnipesaukee with Love

My grandfather and his younger brother purchased adjacent parcels of land within walking distance to Lake Winnipeusaukee when he was just 18 years old in the 1930s.  There over the course of time and many numerous weekends, two jacks of all trades, created what would be “camps” in their families for generations to come.  My grandfather eventually created a two bedroom rustic home complete with running water and electricity.  Here the family would retreat over the decades.  His children brought their children and now I bring mine.   I have many fond memories of  the “camp” and now my children are creating the same and different memories as I did when I was just a little kid.

My grandfather passed away over 5 years ago and left the camp to his children in a trust.  I find now that I do a lot of reminiscing when I am there and everywhere I turn, my mind floods with distant memories, smells, adventures and sights, when I return.  Signs are everywhere and there are so many personalized touches that remain long after my grandfather.  Although he was very strong and rough around the edges, everywhere I look, there is love. 

While away, I also thought about my chickens.  Apparently, they were well behaved, or so goes the report.  They did not lay as many eggs as they had been but I suspect that is due to the horrendous heat wave that we are experiencing.  My neighbors enjoyed their funny little antics and also found it fascinating discovering all of their unique personalities.  They also viewed the girls’ eggs as precious as gold.  It is amazing the new found value we place on things once we partake in their creation.  I am sure my grandfather felt this way about the “camp”.

Every time I return home from “camp”, my faith in family is renewed.   Despite families having their ins and outs and their ups and downs, memories of places and things need to be cherished.  Sharing moments and creating new ones is what it is all about.  I hope that I can help make memories with my family in our home.  Hopefully, even some with the kids and the chickens.  I can only hope that one day my children will return to what we will have left for them and feel the same way that I do about the “camp”, remembering the love, laughter and life.

Chickens Coop Care

Vacation Help

We are going away for a few days to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.  Our neighbor is watching the girls, as my usual sitter, Mom, is coming with us.  We are looking forward to getting away, but like a good chicken Mom, I can not help but be a little nervous, especially knowing that the fisher cat has been in our yard during the day!

It will be nice to get away but as always after a trip, I can’t wait to get home and get the report.  I love to find out how many eggs they have collected and if the girls were good.  I always worry about one of the chickens getting loose and numerous other things that only I would or should be worrying about.  Some people tell me, “They are only chickens.”  I tend to disagree.  They are all my pets.  They have names.   Like dogs, yes, I can get another chicken of the same breed but it would not be my Tilly, or Dolly, or Oyster Cracker.  They are one of a kind with their own personalities and I have a relationship with every single girl out there.

So I hope that the reports are good, the weather is nice and the downpours stay away.  I hope that the young ones remember to climb onto the roosts at night.  I will miss tucking them in and checking all of the locks to make sure that they are secure as they drift off to dreamland.  I know that when I come home they will be happy to see me.  Just like puppies, they come running and can’t wait for me to hold them.  The good thing is that there will be no copious amounts of slimey drool involved when I get my chicken kisses.

Be good girls, I will be home before you know it!

I do have posts scheduled for while I am away, please feel free to leave your comments that I look forward to so much, I will respond to them once I return.  I am not sure of the internet service I will have when I am away.

Chickens Coop Care Stories from Our Nest

The Babysitter

We are getting ready to go away for the weekend and the chicken babysitter has just come over for a quick refresher.  The babysitter is actually my Mom and she seems to enjoy taking care of the girls.  They like her too.  Today, while she was here for her babysitting briefings, they carried on about a 5 minute conversation.  They all came over to say hello, as if they just discovered a long lost friend.  The Buff Orpingtons really enjoy her.  They always come over and sniff her.  Then, there is Tilly.  She catches my Mom up on all of the coop’s latest happenings, including what they are having for treats.  You know they love her when they abandon their treats to pay a visit.

I know that they recognize her; but how?  Scientists say that chickens actually recognize each other by their combs.  I wonder if they recognize humans by their hairstyles?  If that is true, then no wonder they love my Mom.  She is the only blond in the vast sea of hairy darkness that spreads across my family.  To the girls, she is probably like an exotic chicken breed.  To them, everything about her is different; her looks, smells and her voice.

Still, it is always nerve wracking to leave my girls behind and head off somewhere far away, no matter who is babysitting.  I hope the girls behave.  I hope Sunshine does not injure her beak and comb for the third time while we are away.  I hope they play nice with the mini-chickens.  I hope the weather is beautiful and rain clouds stay away.  I hope the weather stays cooler.  I hate to worry about the girls overheating.  I hope that predators stay away too!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. The chickens seem to know this too.  Whenever I return, they run to me like puppies.  They are truly giddy, jumpy and have a hard time containing their excitement.  Our chicken babysitter is probably the best we could ever hope for.  However, chicken Moms know that nothing can ever take their place.  All chicken Moms know that their true place is at the top of the flock’s pecking order.

Goodbye my little chickens.  Mommy might bring you something home from our vacation weekend.  That is if you are good…