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Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Recipe for Happy Chickens


3 part Fresh Air
2 parts Food
1 1/2 parts Clean Water
2 parts Shelter
4 parts Companionship
2 parts Safety and Protection from Predators
1 part A Home to Rear their Young
1 part Sources of Entertainment
 a sprinkle of Love
a dash of Peace


Recipe for Happy Chickens

Recipe for Happy HumansImportant: Recipe amounts can be adjusted to your own preference.


Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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Caring for your Flock on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Seasonal Basis

Keeping chickens happy and healthy, requires a bit of maintenance.  Often I tell people that the requirements are somewhere between keeping a cat and a dog.  The other day, I was glancing at the latest addition of the Martha Stewart Magazine.  Each month she proudly shares her private calendar with her readers.  She details everything from yard work, travel and yoga lessons.  I thought it might be easy to create a similar guide for backyard chicken keepers like myself.