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Chickens Stories from Our Nest

The Pilgrim’s Chickens

pilgrim's chickens from Plimoth Plantation

Yesterday I took the kids to Plimoth Plantation on an outing. We love visiting this hands-on “living” museum about the lives of the original colonists and the Wampanoag Indians.  In the 1600s, when the pilgrims sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower, they brought with them many things from England.  This included items such as pottery, metal cooking vessels, furniture, fabric, clothing and beer.  They also brought various animals as well as heritage breed chickens for meat and eggs.  Once ashore, their chickens spent their lives free-ranging about the plantation.  This might explain why the older heritage breeds to this day have hens that grow spurs.  Protection was very important.

As we walked the grounds, my children paid little attention to anything except for the chickens.  They took great pleasure in finding the chickens dispersed in the vegetable and herb gardens, along the rock walls and tucked into corners underneath planks of wood.  We saw many chickens running away as tourists tried to approach, yet somehow the chickens were never afraid of myself or the kids.

We walked up to them gently, cooing chicken talk.  Despite not knowing us, somehow they did not fear us. We spent a good half hour or so, sitting in the garden to the side of the cottage watching some of the world’s best composters and exterminators till the earth and eat a found bug here and there.  A cool breeze blew off the ocean and we sat amongst the chickens on the ground.  As we sat they came and looked around at us.  Eventually, we were surrounded by about five chickens or so, all happy to have new company at their garden smorgasbord.

Somehow, those hens knew, that we were “one of them”.  Did they smell our chickens on us?  Could they understand our gentle ways or the way that we spoke to them?  People that walked through the garden asked how we got the chickens to come so close to us.  My kids smiled and said, “Maybe they somehow know that we keep chickens too.”

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

Chickens Stories from Our Nest

The Best Part of Keeping Chickens

I asked a simple question of friends who keep chickens today.  I asked them to fill in the blank.  Here is what they had to say.

The best part of keeping chickens is… 

…the happiness my family and I share raising them. Not to mention the eggs!

… all of it..even cleaning the coop..they’re great companions
… being able to KNOW what I’m eating!!

… hearing them bawk bawk bawk when I walk out the door… I just love the way they sound when they are all riled up!

…The love. And the eggs.

…It’s all fun, the planning, the building, daily chores, the egg collecting, the way they meet you at the gate every time you go there

… talking to em, watching them interact with you and each other

… they make me happy…eggs are a bonus, and also, they keep the grass trimmed!!!
…A stress reliever. They make me laugh when I’m feeling down and smile when thing get better.

… The fun and eggs

… endless joy and warm fuzzies :))

… Farm Fresh Eggs!

…The entertainment and eggs!

… Watching them scurry across the yard… is there anything more hilarious that a chicken on the run!

… The cuteness! Love to watch them go about their busy little days.

…The eggs!
… They’re entertaining AND give me fresh eggs.

… Watching them run to the back door when they hear that somebody is about, and that likely means scraps !

I loved that their thoughts and responses mirrored my own. I loved the fact that even though some of us are far apart from one another, we are all experiencing life with chickens in many of the same ways.  Thank you friends for sharing what you love about your chickens with me!

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Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Chickens for Hire

Dear Sirs and Madams,

We are interested in full time employment at your place of residence.  We don’t take up too much room. We are relatively quiet, except for a little crowing now and then.  We love to clean.  We keep busy most of the day with our strong work ethic.  We keep a clean house and love to socialize when allowed.  We are great at the art of conversation.  Please see our skills listed below.  We are ready for hire this Spring.  Please contact your local hatchery for details.  Thank you for your interest and we hope you find our talents and skills desireable for you and your family.

Exterminators–We love bugs.

Protein producers–There are meat breeds available.

Loving pets–We love hugs, snuggles and kisses.

Fertilizer engineers–We love to add to your gardens.

Garbage disposors–We love scraps from the kitchen.

Weed eaters–We don’t mind helping tidy up the gardens.

Egg layers–Nothing like fresh laid eggs in the morning.  Did we mention free delivery?

Cutest composters ever–Just doing our job.

Partners in sustainable living–We are part of the local food movement and helping families become independent.

The Chickens