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Bald Spot on Backyard Chicken

Oyster Cracker has a bald spot on the back of her head behind her comb.  I believe Chocolate gave it to her.  As she submitted to his interests, he used to grab her with his beak on the back of the head repetitively.  As, you know, we rehomed Chocolate a few months ago, and still, no feathers have grown back.  Is is possible that they will grow back once she molts this Fall?  She is right next to Tilly on the pecking order, so I do not believe other chickens are responsible for this, especially because no one else in the flock has this bald spot.  A friend suggested putting some Blu Kote on it and seeing if anything returns. Is it be possible that her feathers will never return?  Poor girl.  What should this Chicken Mom do?
Well, it proves to be nothing permanent. This poor girls’ bald spot is simply due to the fact that the tips of the feathers are still in her skin. Her body believes there is still a feather attached. This bald spot will go away once she molts and makes new feathers. Those tips will fall out and be replaced with new feathers. Now we know!
Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest