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Tilly’s Nest is an active, growing blog/website with over 80,000 visits this past month and a following of over 15,500 subscribers via the blog, social media, email subscription. Sponsoring Tilly’s Nest is a great way to advertise your blog, online shop, business, or product. 

Basic Sponsorship:

A 150×150 button~email: melissa@tillysnest.com for rates 

*Ads run for a 1
month period of time.
*Ad rates are
*Ads must be paid
in advance. An invoice will be sent to the sponsor via Paypal.
*I reserve the
right to refuse ads based on products, ad image or copy, or store being

Giveaway Information:

*Sponsors are encouraged to do giveaways from time to time.
*Due to the number of inquiries, I must reserve the right to accommodate giveaways as I see fit.
*I ask that
giveaways be at least a $40 value.
*Giveaways should
be scheduled with melissa@tillysnest.com at least 2 weeks in advance.
*If you so choose,
a giveaway may have more than one winner.
*Once a winner is
selected, their contact information will be passed along to you, the giveaway
*It is the
responsibility of the sponsor to see that the winner of the giveaway receives
their prize in a timely manner, and at the expense of the sponsor.

Product Reviews:

From time to time,
Tilly’s Nest is asked to review products. Product reviews are considered to be
separate from sponsorships and giveaways.  We are happy to review products including anything related to backyard chicken keeping, including organic edible products for the chickens, coop cleaners, treatments, clothing and footwear, tools, weatherproofing, photography equipment, gardening supplies, beekeeping supplies and assorted books related to the website’s content. If you are interested:
*Please contact
melissa@tillysnest.com to request a product review.
*In order to be
considered for a review, a sample must be sent directly to Tilly’s Nest.
*If the review is
not favorable, the product supplier will be contacted, and the review will not
be posted on the blog.
*Regardless of the
review outcome, samples/materials will not be returned.

I am always open to the possibility of working as a free-lance writer. Please contact me for more information and my rate.

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DISCLOSURE:  Tilly’s Nest reserves the right to determine which advertisements are appropriate for this site.  From time to time sponsors and companies will send us complimentary products for use and/or review.  We have not been paid for any of our opinions, nor have we been paid to post positive reviews.  The opinions are our own and we gladly share them with our fans. I am an ambassador for Vetericyn and have been compensated for my time. We are also part of Amazon Associates and Google Ad Sense.  By clicking on some of the links found on this blog and/or making a purchase, a small portion of the sale helps to support Tilly’s Nest.