When I first started keeping backyard chickens there was very little information available to those who kept small flocks. When Tilly first became sick at 10 weeks of age with a crop issue I soon realized that answers I were seeking were scattered in books, magazines and on the web. I spent countless hours seeking answers to my questions. These posts are a culmination of my experiences and research that I have compiled over the years. They also include some information packed posts that I have done for a variety of my freelancing work over the years.

There are lots of ways to set up chicken coops. For a tour of ours that has been featured on Country Living Magazine’s website and on HGTV Gardens, start here. Also, be sure to check out these fun coop tours and a list of chicken vets too. I hope you find some answers below to your own questions. Take your time, there is a good deal of information on this page and don’t forget to bookmark or pin it so you can find it when you need it. ~ Melissa