Top 8 Favorite Gardening Tools

February 3, 2024

As I think about the 2024 gardening season, the seed catalogues pile up on my countertops and I know that spring will soon be here. For me, they mean that we are turning the proverbial winter corner with warmer days ahead. I’ve always heard that half the battle is having the right tools for the job, and I think that the same applies in the garden. I am a firm believer in treating myself to one or two tools as the spring season arrives. At least for me, it’s always a motivating factor to go out and try a new tool or item. When people ask my what my favorite gardening tools are right now, these are the few that come immediately to mind.

Hand Pruners

favorite gardening tools- hand pruner

I have purchased many pruners over the years. I admit–At first, I bought a few pairs of cheap ones that quickly dulled and fell apart. They didn’t even last a season. Then I purchased a pair of Felcos- considered the Cadillac of pruners. They are amazing and worth their price tag for sure, definitely a garden investment worth your while. But, my non-gardening husband surprised me with a pair of these pruners for my birthday a few years ago. He told me that got excellent reviews and thought that for the low price, they were worth a shot. Worst case scenario- he could use them when he was helping me.

Fast forward. It’s been about 5 years of using these and they are my favorites. They are the first ones that I grab when I am ready to start the day. We now have 2 pair. If you get a pair, you’ll see why because they are a favorite for those tending in the garden at our house. They come in assorted colors. More about them here.


Hand Rake

This is one of my favorite gardening tools that helps you to get into all those nooks are crannies and clean out the bases of the shrubs and reach into garden corners. Removing leaves that settle into the crowns of the plants allows for better aeration and less of a place for pests to hide. It’s also good to use along foundation plantings when you find yourself crawling under the plantings to clean things out. Available here



Hula Ho

This amazing rake-like item makes my favorite gardening tools list because it makes weekly weeding a breeze. Simply drag it along the top surface of the soil and pull the weeds. Once in a pile, you can easily pick them up.

It’s a great back saver and makes quick work of the weeds. It is a favorite of the landscapers around here.  Learn more.




Virginia Bluebells are often the first signs of spring

Hori Hori Knife

I love this hand tool. I first learned about it when I went down to P. Allen Smith’s Garden Influencer Retreat. Since then it has been a reliable trusty friend to help me split iries, hostas, and lilies. I also use it when I pull a large planting from its nursery pot to rough up the roots a bit so that the plant realizes it is no longer confined int the post. You can check them out.

Collapsable Garden Bag

Favorite Gardening Tools- Collapsable tote

I am constantly moving throughout the garden and puttering. Most times, I have this in tow right behind me to toss in the garden debris and clippings. I love it and that fact that it collapses so it doesn’t take up much room. I am hard on these bags and I think this Fiskar Brand makes one of the sturdiest varieties out there. The cheaper ones tend to have the wires poke out quickly.  I first picked one up in the clearance section of Target, but now, I seem to order a new one every other year. It’s a great big helper! Learn more here.

Raised Beds


The girls love to putter about the garden beds

Cape Cod is known for its sandy soil and for us, we have a garden filled with sand and clay. Growing in raised beds makes life so much easier with the ability to control the soil and how your nurture your plants. I have had these cedar raised beds in my garden now for 8 years and this year they are finally showing their wear and requiring a bit of repair. This is expected and most raised beds only last around 2 years before needing attention. I love the corners, ease of assembly and how well they have worked for me in the sometimes harsh climate of New England. Learn more about them.

Gardening Gloves

Favorite gardening gloves

I hate when I have to wear gloves and lose the dexterity of my fingers. I think this is one of the main reasons why people abandon gardening gloves. I have tried them all over the years and these are the winners. I first discovered them at the Boston Flower Show about 20 years ago. It was an unassuming booth with gloves piled up high. They are inexpensive, keep my hands dry and can even be washed in the washing machine on cold and air dried. I usually buy about 6 pairs and they last me the entire season. I spend about 20-30 hours a week in my garden and these are the first things that I don. I love things that don’t break the bank. Try a pair.

Gardening Scissors

favorite gardening tools- gardening scissors
Harvesting thyme


I had not idea that I needed these. At first, I bought set and realized that they were cheap and made in China. They didn’t last a season without rusting. Eventually, a pair met their fate as they were inadvertently run over by the lawn mower last fall. Yes, it was terrifying. This pair of scissor is the real deal and worth every penny. The scissors are from Japan where they are traditionally used in the art of Bonsai. I love them for snipping herbs and vegetables during harvesting. They are delicate and powerful, perfect for tender stalks. They are available here.



Do you have any favorite gardening tools that you have discovered in your adventures? I’d love to learn more about them.



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