Hello, Again

September 11, 2023

I’ve been working a lot. My eldest is off to college in his third year and my daughter, who was almost 6 when I started writing this blog is now learning how to drive and in her third year of high school. Time seems to pass so quickly. Chapters close and new chapters arrive.

Cuddles- Easter Egger
Cuddles still is laying eggs

The flock is small. It has been  so for a while. Panko and Storey are still here, my two Bantam Buff Brahmas and also the three Easter Eggers- Fluffy, Cuddles and Veruca. The girls are older and I am waiting to add to the flock as everyone is happy and getting along well. It’s status quo in the flock and if you know chickens, that is a very good thing! It was difficult last summer as they all seemed to be dying one after the other due to old age. All of my girls are 8-9 years old. But, you know how chicken math goes- perhaps some chicks in the spring.

Pointed Egg
Even if her eggs are a bit pointy now and then. Still a beautiful pale blue.

I am still working as nurse practitioner. I’ve changed to admitting patients to our hospital service. It’s been a nice change of pace the past year or so. The days are long, but fulfilling and I really enjoy my co-workers. I know that the medical field is my first calling. I feel like I can make a difference in peoples’ lives everyday and that for me is really special. My mother always told me I was a nurse from the time I was little. Finally, after all these years,  I would agree.

We took a family vacation this summer. The first time since 2019 before the pandemic. We enjoyed Amsterdam and Prague. It was a lot of fun to vacation with the kids as they are older. They planned and chose many of our adventures. I have been to Amsterdam a few time, but this was a first for me in Prague. If you ever get the chance, I would highly recommend exploring this mysterious and medieval city. I cannot wait to return.

Walking along the canals never gets old for me. So many little scenic spots to take in.
The amazing library at the Rijksmuseum. I could spend a lifetime in here exploring.
The Cat Cabinet
Translated to The Cat Cabinet. It’s a museum about cats. It was a choice of the kids. What an amazing place with original art from Picasso and Toulouse-Lautrec.
Pluk Cafe
Pluk. This cafe is my daily stop for breakfast when I visit Amsterdam. I love it so much.

The Amsterdam Museum of Modern Art featured many pieces by Banksy, including this one. One of my favorites.
The Powder Tower in Prague adjacent to our hotel on the way to Old Town.
The astronomical clock is over 600 years old. Still working and keeping time all these years later.

Inside the cathedral
Prague from one of the many bridges
Prague Cathedral within the Prague Castle walls. It was like something out of Game of Thrones.

I also turned 50 in Prague. It was lovely way to mark my half a century milestone. So, it will probably always be a special place. Plus I am still craving this dessert called a Trdelnik we enjoyed as well toasted to another 50 years. Oh my goodness. It was like a donut made into a cone and then you could fill it with all different varieties of soft serve, fruits, chocolates and nuts.  Yummy!

So delicious!

Yes, I am still keeping bees. Two hives are bustling. One was found queenless this past weekend, and we had to combine the hive with one with a queen. I always find that beekeeping with two hives is important. It allows you to use the other to save a failing one. My guess, is that it swarmed when we were away. I don’t like to do a full inspection when the honey supers are in place. My beekeeping philosophy is that I am more of a helper than a keeper. I like to let them do their thing. They know best.

I am still writing. Most days, still dreaming of the chickens when I can. I have been busy working on a 2024 How to Speak Chicken calendar. It’s available here, here and here. You can also purchase a copy through me. I will get that information up this week on the website. I also have another chicken book for you that I think you going to absolutely love. That is due to publish in early 2025 but should be available for pre-sale during the 2024 Holiday Season. I cannot wait to share more about it once we get closer to the publishing date.

So, my questions to many of you is are you still enjoying the website? Do you want me to keep writing? Are blogs even relevant anymore? I’m at a crossroads here. I still love what I do but certainly, not sure how folks feel these days. The world is such a different place. I was told that peoples’ attention span is now less than a few minutes. Geez, not sure what to make of it all. Maybe you can share your thoughts in the comments.

Be well, happy almost fall. I promise to write more soon.  Thanks for catching up.



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39 thoughts on “Hello, Again”

  1. Happy 50th! I enjoy your writing, especially about chickens, and am happy you continue to publish independently outside social media platforms. I think there is still a place for blogs, for continuing to control your content. I hope whatever you choose to do next is fulfilling and fun!

    • I agree and this is why I have kept this space all along. I like having the control and sharing to those that want to see what I share. Social media has pros and cons for sure and sometimes I find it frustrating. Thanks for your support.

  2. Please keep blogging. I have no friends up here in NH who keep chickens. It is hard to explain my devotion to my flock. I introduced 5 new hens this spring. My 2 favorites are Faverolles (sp?). They are so cute with their beards and feathered feet. My new Orpington and 2 Brahmas look out for them.
    Jane Mika Brookline, NH

    • Oh how exciting, new chickens. Oh dear, I wish there were more chicken friends near you but I guess this is why we have the internet. It’s amazing to connect with like minded kindred spirits. thank you for sharing.

  3. I absolutely love reading your blog posts! I’ve been following for a good while (and keeping chickens for almost 13 years). I love the written word – not much for snippets and abbreviated things. -pretty old school, I guess.

    Do what works best for you, and what fits into your life at this time and season. If you continue, I’ll read! If you choose to close this chapter, I’ll cherish the wonderful posts which have been a blessing over the years. Peace and joy to you and yours on life’s journey!

      • Hi Melissa. I am just writing to let you know that my almost 11 year old hen, Buffy, passed away yesterday. I think she had a heart attack and died in my arms. She had been having difficulty breathing for the past month. Naturally, I am heartbroken. My other hens will be 3 and 5 years old in the spring. Buffy was the last of my original flock. My son got me your chicken keeping album for Christmas. I will start it with a memorial to Buffy, and my first flock. Maybe it will help me process my grief.

      • Oh Susan, I am so sorry. 11 years, what a wonder life and time together that you had. It is so hard when they pass. I’m so happy that you had that time with one another to make lots of wonderful memories. I am also glad that she did not pass away alone. I know that she felt love at the end from you. That is a gift you gave her. Sending you a big hug.

  4. Thank you for updating your blog. I am glad that your life seems to be full, happy, and busy albeit full of changes. My life has been full of changes too. One by one, my chickens have passed and were not replaced. My husband also passed and can never be replaced. Life goes on despite the changes, and we take joy where we find it if we are wise. Thank you for sharing some of yours.

    • I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your husband and that you no longer have chickens. Life can be so difficult sometimes and it hard but I hope that you continue to know that there is joy ahead with love and laughter even if we cannot see it. We must keep faith that our hearts will. Thinking of you xo

  5. Hi Melissa,
    So great to hear from you.
    I love a blog, and this one was special. I’m so glad you let me know it was available. I’m not great at remembering to check websites, so I was ready for this.
    My 22 year old granddaughter spent the 2nd half of her junior year of college (U. of TX , Austin) in Portugal and explored a lot of Europe while she was there. She didn’t get to Prague but she shared wonderful pictures of Amsterdam, and your pictures here reminded me of hers. Gorgeous. Thank you for writing this blog.
    We’re down to 3 chickens right now, 2 are 6 years old and 1 is 10. I think we’ll get pullets in the spring if we can find some. My aching joints have made their care a bit of a challenge for me, but there’s still a lot to like about keeping them.
    Take care of yourself – you sound very busy!

    • Thanks Sharon, what an experience your granddaughter was able to enjoy. Oh to be young again. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I’ll try to keep going. Thank you. And for the record, I hope you get some more chickens 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh, please, please keep writing and posting. Your reflections are like little gems to me. You are my go to person for chicken keeping. I have all your books. I just love your outlook on things. I consider you my chicken keeping soulmate. ❤️ My flock now numbers seven and dear Buffy O is working on her 11th year. I am daily amazed at her wisdom and continued zest for life as she teaches the rest by example. Perhaps I will write a book about her someday. In the meantime I look forward to your upcoming book. Perhaps it will be about the joys of older chickens? I also am so glad to see Cuddles still living and living life. Please keep us all posted !

  7. Fifty cheers for you & your delightful blog!
    Appreciations for your nursing intake service to your community.
    Your EU summe fotos make me smile.
    And your feathered girls’ report & honey hive hands-odd news is sweet to know.
    More Sept. smoothness to you.

    JanAnnino~ Bookseedstudio on WordPress

  8. Looks like a lovely vacation. Oh, the bakery offerings look amazing!

    Oh, it’s so hard when our girls leave us. There is some comfort in knowing that we did our best to give them a good life.

    Yes, keep blogging, please! Your posts are always enjoyed. Some of us older folks still read, and don’t rely on videos for everything.
    Enjoy the coming season.

  9. Loved your blog. Now want to travel again. Find your information very helpful and when our place is ready (when we can actually be there more) I want to follow your directions and become a chicken and a bee lady. Thank you!!

  10. Did read and enjoyed Hello Again. Please continue if you are able. There are lots of people out there who want a simpler and kinder way of life. Sandra mosher

  11. I love your blog and I am happy to read again about your flock and to look at the wonderful pictures! I hope you continue writing so I get more warm hearted (is this a word?) input for my 4 hens, living near Hamburg in Germany


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