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February 6, 2023

My Chicken Family book

My latest book is here and I am so excited about this one, because it gets to involve you. In fact, you are the author. As we go, I serve guide/prompt/interviewer per se, of you and your adventures with chicken keeping in My Chicken Family. It is a dream to create a book where you too, could write down all of your adventures. I think you are going to love it. It is a book for all ages and you can pick it up and start in any chapter of your chicken keeping adventure. After all, aren’t your chickens part of your family? 

From the Publisher

This beautifully designed keepsake album is perfect for chronicling chicken-keeping adventures, tracking the growth from chick to flock elder with spaces and prompts for distinctive personalities, names, photos, and amusing anecdotes. 

Backyard chicken keepers have a deep affection for their animals and interact with them like any pet, as Melissa Caughey, best-selling author of How to Speak Chicken, knows well from her decades of chicken friendships. With My Chicken Family, Caughey has created a unique keepsake album that invites chicken owners to create a lasting record of their chicken adventures, with spots for adding photos of their favorite flock members and write-in prompts customized to every phrase of the the chicken-keeping experience.

Featuring charming chicken-themed art borders, every page invite users to chronicle an aspect of their chickens’ lives beginning with chicks and progressing to laying hen or rooster, to flock elder. Spaces are allocated for recording amusing anecdotes along with practical information about the selected breeds, health care, flock dynamics, and individual chicken names and personalities. The hardcover format features an egg-shaped die-cut cover that every owner can customize with a portrait of one of their own feathered friends, making it a perfect gift for any backyard chicken enthusiast.

I hope you’ll consider a copy of My Chicken Family and joining me by writing down your chicken keeping story.

Purchases made through me, will include an envelope for feathers, stickers and a bookmark. Only while supplies last. 


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8 thoughts on “My Chicken Family”

  1. I couldn’t help but laugh when reading “how to SPEAK CHICKEN” learning that you trained as an NP. Turned to the back to discover I may be your twin. I too gave my life to nursing – loved being an NP for over 25 years but then found I was happiest when doing the beekeeping, caring for my farm animals, planning and planting acres of pollinator plants. Got a tractor and left nursing….not looking back. Hope to meet you at Eastern Apiculture Society’s annual conference in Amherst MA this summer.

  2. I need some advice. I have never ordered rooster chicks, just hens. My last batch, however included an Orpington rooster. I decided to keep him as he was a handsome fellow. But, as he matured he fulfilled his role in the flock. This was expected, however I did not foresee the consequences. He haunts my smallest hen, an Americana, who has already lost her 2 hatch siblings to hawks. She does her best to avoid the flock, as she has been designated to be the lowest of the pecking order. He, however finds her, mounts her (he is huge!) and pecks the feathers off her head. This really upsets me. Is it wrong to get rid of him?


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