The 2023 How to Speak Chicken Calendar is Here

December 3, 2022

Well, it was a pinch me moment last year, when the folks at my publisher reached out to me to share the news that my best selling book, How to Speak Chicken, was going to be turned into a 2023 How to Speak Chicken calendar.

How to Speak Chicken Calendar 2023

I quickly got to work with the publishing team. With their guidance, I learned what goes into creating a calendar and even had the ability to determine what fun topics would be included.

I currently have the 2023 How to Speak Chicken calendars now in stock. If you enjoyed the book, you might have fun with the calendar too. I must say, they make great gifts for folks who love animals and chickens. Plus you never know, maybe some people will get chickens because of my writing. It’s all so exciting!

How to Speak Chicken Wall Calendar
The How to Speak Chicken calendar is based on my book. Both are seen here.

Here’s what the publisher has to say:

A year of chickens doing what they do and saying what they say.

As more people discover the joys of keeping chickens, they are also realizing that those clucks, clicks, and peeps have meaning. This calendar features gorgeous, full-color chicken photographs accompanied by fascinating chicken facts and advice for learning how to communicate with your own flock. Did you know baby chicks start making clicking sounds 24 hours before hatching? These inform the mama hen how long to stay on the nest and how many babies to expect. Bring a chair or stool out to your flock and take time to sit with them daily—by paying attention and observing their interactions, you’ll learn to communicate better. For anyone who loves chickens, the 2023 How to Speak Chicken calendar is a delightful gift. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.

As always, thank you for your support and allowing me to share and create and immerse folks in the wonderful world of keeping chickens. It has been such a marvelous journey writing this blog and seeing where my chicken adventures have taken me. Cheers to a fanstastic 2023 and more chickens!


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12 thoughts on “The 2023 How to Speak Chicken Calendar is Here”

  1. I have the calendar hanging in my finished basement which is where I spend a lot of time getting things done. I can’t wait till it’s January so I can see the chicken pictures every day. They’re totally delightful.

  2. Got your calendar for my niece who raises chickens….We both love it!

    Tried to post a 5star review ….Amazon says it does not meet it community guidelines‍♀️?!

    here is my review….‍♀️/Users/elysebraun/Desktop/chick.pdf

    unable to add photo….
    title: Cluck a Lot
    comment: Cockadoodledoo

    If you think this is an appropriate review for your calendar, please tell Amazon to actually look at this and not just let the bot decide what’s appropriate.

    In any case thank you for giving us smiles and happy clucking.

  3. Hi, Melissa, will you be doing a 2024 How To Speak Chicken calendar? I sincerely hope so…

    I just discovered your blog and ordered the book (great that you link to Paypal for that!) I’m new to the chicken journey; my 8 pullets are still a couple/few weeks from laying age and it’s been such a joy watching them grow up, organize themselves as a flock and develop their distinct personalities. Those girls go crazy for mealworms, their favorite “bonding experience” with me (eating from my hands, hopping on my lap and wheedling me for more – chicken-speak again!)

    I hope your health has improved – you’ve certainly been through a lot! Thank you so much for your very informative, enjoyable blog, Bright blessings to you and yours from the California redwoods.

    • Hello Linda! Thank you SO much for your lovely note and I am so excited to hear that you have been enjoying the blog and book. Yes! There is a 2024 Calendar out now that I am excited to share with you. I love hearing your chicken stories. I’m posting an update on life on the blog today. Oooo, the redwoods, one of my favorite places on earth. XO


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