Geo Bird Cage: The Parakeets Get a New Home

November 2, 2020

I have kept parakeets since I was 12 years old. Growing up, my parents enjoyed my sisters and I having pets. Over the years, we’ve had dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, hermit crabs, and tropical fish, but it was my blue and white parakeet named Pipet, after 7th grade science class, that started my love affair with birds. Truthfully, except for college, I can’t recall a time when I didn’t have a companion parakeet or two to keep me company.

When I met my husband, I had two little parakeets in my Los Angeles apartment. When we realized that we were moving across the country, they came with us. I packed them into the Jeep in their cage in a spot where I had wedged out their own little space, complete with a window to look out across the miles. At night we snuck them into the hotel with us under the cover of darkness. They even spent some time in the parking lot at Elvis’s Graceland. They went on to live many years.

My children too are growing up with parakeets. From an early age, they would toddle over the cage, curiously watching and interacting. The same cage over 25 years old now houses our two parakeets Bluey and Sunny who have been with us for a few years.  The old cage has held up well and housed many birds over the years.

The parakeets in the Geo Bird Cage

But during the quarantine, it soon became apparent that all of us would be staying home much like the birds had been for so long. As we did much that so many folks did during quarantine- cleaning out closets, rearranging areas of the home and so forth, I thought perhaps the birds would like an upgrade of their home too. After all, sometimes a change of scenery can be a good thing.

As many of you know, I have had the pleasure to work with Omlet for a few years. Not only do they make chicken coops, but they also make other habitats for fido, hamsters and now birds. For some time now, I have had my eye on Omlet’s new Geo Bird Cage. I liked the style, shape and overall design. I have never seen anything like it. Plus, it offers so much more space than their current cage. As I explored it more watching the videos, I realized that this was the perfect cage for Bluey and Sunny.

As I went to order the Geo Bird Cage, I realized that you can basically chose any color combination that you can imagine. It is completely customizable. To match our home decor, I ordered the teal base with the gold mesh. I also added the cover and standing base.  Then it was just wait time. I tell you, my daughter asked me every day if it had arrived.

Assembling the Omlet Geo Bird Cage

Once the Geo Bird Cage arrived, my daughter and I got to work assembling it. The beautifully done packaging is organized. The instruction booklet is clear. It takes about an hour to assemble with all the hexagon shaped pieces. The design is really stellar. I am so happy to see that the food and water were centralized with a tray underneath to catch the seed hulls. How clever! Finally, it was time to get the birds into their new Geo Bird Cage.

Two birds are shown in the Geo Bird Cage

It looks so pretty tucked in between the chair and the window. It’s like it was made for this space.  The birds seem to be enjoying their new home too. They immediately started preening one another.

A set of two perches come with the Geo Bird Cage and they fit their little feet perfectly. The perches adjust easily, to prevent boredom and encourage different exercise patterns as well as ease of cleaning.

Close up Omlet Geo Bird Cage in use

The cage and birds are now a focal part of our living room and have been such a conversation piece with family that comes to visit. It seems everyone has “never seen a bird cage like this” before and I would have to agree. It is pretty special.

Omlet Geo Bird Cage on a table.

The Geo Bird Cage comes with everything to get started. Not included are the birds, food, water, grit and a cuttlebone. The two optional items that we also ordered were the tall stand and also the fantastic constellation-covered cage cover for the evenings. Both were worth the splurge. But I also wanted to share how lovely the cage looks on a table top as well. Either way, the birds seem to love their new home.

Geo Bird Cage

Disclosure: As part of my sponsorship relationship with Omlet, I received an Omlet Geo Bird Cage, a stand and a cage cover. However in no way have they been guaranteed a positive review, nor have they asked me to say certain things. The impressions, thoughts and words here in this post are all mine and completely unsolicited.  Thank you to Omlet for your generosity.



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40 thoughts on “Geo Bird Cage: The Parakeets Get a New Home”

  1. This cage looks amazing would really really love one as i am looking for a new cage for my Hansome boy Stitch (He is a Blue Budgie) and he is keeping us sane during a really rough time! Unfortunatley its out of our price range. Fingers crossed for a win on the lottery (even though we dont play lol).
    Stay safe everyone.

    • That cage is way to small even for a budgie they need BIG cages you should get a cage even advertised for large birds cause they need to be able to fly around if there in a cage for long periods of time

    • I am so happy that there are so many bird lovers like you out there. They do have different sized perches in addition to what comes with the cage as well as a variety of toys. These photos show the cage as it comes when one purchases it as that was the intention of post. There are also small sized dishes that I attach to the side of the cage for food and such in addition to their parakeet diet. Please refrain from making direct insults or allegations on this page. Unfortuatnely, we have a zero tolerance policy around here. Your thoughts are appreciated but there is no need to add insults or accusations. Lastly, I have deleted the same comment that you needed to leave twice on this post. Also, if you feel this strongly, I would encourage you to reach out to Omlet, as they would probably value your feedback if given in a thoughful and respectful way.

      • Tilly, don’t listen to the negative comments.
        Bird Tricks is a very reputable influencer in the bird community and they use an Omlet cage for their budgie (who is usually out and about), because it’s more thoughtfully designed than the ones usually recommended. They among others have debunked the myth of round cages.
        The story of round cages was started as a way to protest the tiny cylindrical cages used in the international bird trade, that a big bird could barely turn around in, and are inappropriate for all birds. But it’s lived on forever in the hearts of well meaning bird lovers who now want to cry “abuse” when they lay eyes on the Omlet, The Omlet cage is designed with birds happiness in mind. Of course it has to be customized with the right enrichment and perches and food cups for the individual birds in question.

        My close friend who has bred birds for years, prefers the prevue 528 cages bc they are as wide as a flight cage but half the height, as all the lower space of a flight cage is dead space anyway.
        These cages have over 5’ cubic feet, but the Omlet has over 6’ cubic feet. They may look small but they are quite deep. My budgies have plenty of cages and playstands all over the house, plus mobiles. These are not even their primary cage, but when given the choice they pick them every time. They love the round design and the depth, and when a jungle tapestry is drained in back and backlit with a lamp, it looks like a beautiful little jungle and they are in heaven. They choose to wind down there before bed and I let them sleep there when they want, because it’s their choice.
        Besides, the shape and top handle makes it easy to grab and run out the door and fit in the back seat if the car if an early morning or nighttime emergency arises. I bring them to the get in these and my avian vet and experienced bird owners there, love these cages.
        I and other ppl have found that when given a choice many budgies actually seek out and want to play and preen in these, over even a flight cage! Maybe the shape feels comforting and egg like.

        Now i personally wouldn’t keep them in these all day, but I don’t have to, they have other cages and the run of the house. I’m a stay at home bird mom and I pamper them all day.

        Since no one knows exactly the care and how long they are out of cage, it’s unfair for anyone to judge you. And even if they do, they can be decent humans and make kind suggestions instead of being rude. There are so many people out there who are actually abusing and neglecting birds, that it makes me sad that people like you and me are targeted.

        I unfortunately filmed a TikTok video where these Omlet cages were in the background, and was kind of jumped on by several ppl at once. Even though I don’t use them as primary cages, I won’t throw them away bc my birds love them and they fit in the backseat for road trips.
        I was shamed for even owning such a “small neglectful cage”, and I ended up having to go private because blocking them wasn’t working and they were coming back on other accounts to accuse me of causing drama when I tried to stand up for myself. I felt so bullied and could barely eat or sleep, my mental health was so affected by the barrage of comments.

        My birds are my heart and my life, and everyone I know is amazed at the care they get. They are actually my children.

        Here is bird tricks vid about Omlet ( no negative comments because this young woman is respected by the community)

        And her article about debunking the myth of round cages.

        So everyone who is going around and bashing people for even having Omlet cages, Shame on you. Please educate yourself properly c Use your time more wisely and choose your battles, realize you aren’t going to influence people, grow followers, or make someone see your point of view, by being presumptuous and rude.

        Stay strong, Tilly

  2. Unfortunately this cage isn’t ideal for the birds. Psychologically they look for corners to be able to “hide” when they need a moment away. This is essentially a round cage, which is documented to cause birds to sort of go crazy.

  3. this cage is so small and not at all good for budgies. I’d suggest getting a better, bigger cage.
    Birds aren’t decorations, they’re pets.

  4. I had 2 doves up until 3 weeks ago when I ended up in the hospital for 5 days because I was so sick. I couldn’t breathe and lost 20 lbs in a month. I thought it must be covid. Turns out I had Fancier Bird Disease. It’s from quarantining with my birds. I’ve had then 13 years. But being in the area where they were on there cage 24/7 made me so sick. I ended up having to move to a new apt. I couldn’t take anything with me and can’t be near birds in the future. I never heard of this before. Just thought I’d post this as a beware – you never know.

    • Oh dear Yvette, I am so sorry you were so ill and I am glad to hear that you are better. Thanks for sharing your story and your experience. I wish you a full recovery and thanks for all the information.

  5. Thank you for this review. Wondering what size stand you purchased? I am going to purchase this cage for our budgie and wondering which size is in your living room?

  6. I ran across this blog post on Google, while looking for a new parakeet cage. I think this is so cute and my keet would love it. I did give my keet flying rights because I raised him from a baby and he knew his boundaries but when he is ready to turn in for a nap or bed, he usually sits in the middle of his round cage on his favorite perch. He has never had problems going into his small cage to sit on the porch but he needs a new cage due to the old one being worn out from 30 years of use. I think your birds look very happy and healthy. My Frankee is a rainbow budgie, turquoise color, white wings, with a yellow head. Good luck in the future with health and happiness for all of you:)

    • All these months later, my parakeets seem to enjoy the cage. It is a lovely design. It did take a while for them to become accustomed to it. And they did turn a bit mischievous and figured out how to pull the food holder out. I ended up having to but a rubber band around both the food and water dishes. I did add a bath and I did add a small cup for grit. Overall, I am very happy with how easy it cleans and maintains.

      • Hi Melissa! Budgies do not need grit, it can damage their digestive tract…
        Grit is for doves and birds like that…
        Please look it up online 🙂
        The cage looks lovely and I’m glad to hear you let your birds fly around the house a lot. I have the same cage for my budgie and she loves it for sleeping, naps , but she has a lot of other playstands and is out of the cage all day.
        She has lots of toys in it and a pretty jungle tapestry from red bubble that I drape over the back. So it doesn’t feel like a round cage. They do like having their back up against something, it makes them feel safe when they are chilling in the cage.
        So I disagree with those who say it’s a bad budgie cage, my budgie prefers this cage over anything else. However they are correct in that it is too small for an entirely cage-bound bird. But it sounds like your little darlings are often out and about during the day which is wonderful. I’m sure they have some playstands.
        There are some lovely play stands on Etsy that I have that look very pretty (blooms n branches makes grapewood stands, you have to tell them it’s for birds , and bohemianvida)
        If you tried draping a little tapestry over the back, added some toys (there are some gorgeous handmade ones on Etsy that go with neutral decor – little dinos shop is one of them) and maybe another perch or two with natural wood for food health (my babies love their chola wood perched the best ) … it will be perfect 🙂
        I’m a designer and artist do I understand the need for aesthetic things. This cage definitely fits the mold

      • Thanks for the info and sharing. The grit thing is new to me. I’ve had budgies for over 35 years and I have learned something new but goodness, so many debates on this online grit vs. no grit. Thanks for pointing that out.I’ll do more research. I’m glad you like the cage too. I do put a little cover over the back in the wintertime. I’ll have to check out Etsy. The chola wood perch sounds awesome!

  7. Hello my name is Deb. I have 2 budgies, a green cheek conure, and as of this past Thursday I have a Goffins Cockatoo. All are rescues except for 1 of the budgies (had to have a friend for the other budgie) I’m retired or I couldn’t possibly do it. When done close to right it’s a lot of work! I love the geo cage! I think my budgies would like it too.! I just bought a big conure cage and the budgies seem to really like it too! Cages are open at 9am – 9pm all birds come and go as they wish but all has their own cages for feeding, safety and sleep and they are closed and covered at night.. I am bird crazy but this last adoption of the cockatoo is the last (unless someone comes to me needing a home for a bird ). Love your blog and thanks for introducing me to the geo cage!

    • Oh I am so grateful to you for opening your home to rescues. I am so happy to hear that they are living such wonderful lives. I am happy to share things that I find useful and practical and also helpful. I do like the cage very much and it is so different from others you find on the market.

  8. Hello , my names Sean . Looking at these cages for two lovebirds but unsure if two small , why don’t you bring out a bigger cage same design? Is anything in pipeline ? . Thank you.

    • Hello, Might I suggest reaching out to Omlet. I don’t have anything to do with their design or production. Their link is in the blogpost. I’m sure they would love your feedback.

  9. Sorry but the cage looks beautiful but it is too stressful for the birds because of the lack of corners. They love to have corners to rest and feel secure

  10. Absolutely gorgeous and easy to maintain. I needed something that enhanced the interior design of a home while also being a safe and enjoyable for my budgie, Lulu Lemonade.

    She acclimated rather well. Just need her to figure out the food and water access before I pull out her old water and food bowls. Definitely worth the price. Lulu is comfortable and happy which was the main goal. It seems so big of a space for just her, time to consider a possible beau?

  11. Where are the toys? Also, those wooden dowel perches are known to cause bumble foot. Carving into those perches with a knife to give texture or switching to a variety of natural perches would be a better alternative! From one budgie owner to the next, I would consider a different cage. It seems like this one is more for looks than for the birds comfort.

    • Hi Laryssa, thanks for sharing your comments. I would advise you reach out to Omlet and let them know your thoughts and feedback. The toys were removed for the photos as to not clutter or confuse the reader as this post was meant to showcase the cage and also do a fun giveaway for blog readers.

  12. Not really sure why my first comment wasn’t approved by moderators, my intention was to give advice. My apologies if it didn’t come across that way!

  13. NO. NO ROUND CAGES. Never put a bid in a round or spherical cage! Also, that is WAY too small for even one budgie, let alone several. This is not what a decent bird owner would ever inflict upon their pets.

  14. Beautifully designed cage that visually appeals a lot more than the standard cages I have been looking at for my 2 budgies. In particular the design seems to offer more space that the “standard” starter sized cages sold in most shops.

    My 2 spend a lot of time outside the cage for their exercise but think this would be a functional yet focal point of our lounge where they would spend their time inside their cage during the night.

    I do think if your budgies don’t spend a lot of time outside the cage then this is prbly too small as they should be able to flap their wings and fly across a cage without any impeding objects – but for anyone looking for a bigger cage to suit their needs – go buy an aviary which would be a lot bigger but would not be portable like this.

    Thanks for the review Melissa

  15. Wow, this cage is absolutely stunning! I would absolutely adore having one for my beloved boy Stitch, who happens to be a gorgeous Blue Budgie. He’s been our source of comfort during a challenging period, and finding a new cage for him would mean the world. Unfortunately, it’s currently beyond our budget. Keeping our fingers crossed for a lucky lottery win (even though we don’t typically play, haha). Wishing everyone safety and well-being.


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