Social Distancing: 12 Ways to Keep Busy at Home

March 13, 2020

Social Distancing. Some of us may be spending more time at home and changing up our daily routines for a little while.  For many, life is already disrupted. Lately, it’s been giving me time to think about some clever and fun ways to not only keep myself but my kids occupied.

I can’t say that these are in any particular order, more of just randomness that streamed from my head. Many involve kids. Here are some things that don’t require you making a trip from your home and most can occupy a good deal of time, distract you and I think in some case that might be just what all of us need.

Finish What You Already Started

Break out those half-finished crafting projects that are tucked away. For the kids, reignite old fads that might still be lying around such as the Rainbow Loom with the rubber bands. Try making embroidery floss bracelets.


This is good because most folks already have paper at home and there are many You Tube videos and online tutorials that will walk you through the steps. Did you know there is even a Star Wars Origami book out there?

crocheted blanket
Made by my Mom, this crocheted blanket is one of my absolute favorite handmade gifts I have received.

Learn to Crochet or Knit

Crocheting is a bit easier but both are super fun and also seem to gobble up time. I love watching each project evolve and take shape.  Start by making a scarf. There are plenty of free tutorials and online videos to get you started.

Printing Photos and Making Photo Albums

So many of us have photos on our phones that beg to be printed. Think about printing up some of those to create albums or even make your own.  Many online photo book companies will get you started. Google does a good job and I like Chatbooks too. They will even print your Instagram feed.


Request library books online for pick-up or electronically and stock up on a few good books. Check out books on a new hobby to explore. This way, you aren’t wasting money on something you are not sure about investing in just quite yet. Or find a book that will help take your mind to an entirely new place, century or situation to escape to.

Learn Something New

Take an online course or study up on something that has always interested you.

Living on Cape Cod, beach walks are a favorite pastime for me and my family.

Go for a Walk or Hike

The perfect way to avoid crowds and explore nature. Plus you can’t beat the exercise.

Start a Journal or Write that Book

One day, someone may want to read up on what you were doing at this time. It could make for a very interesting read in the future. Or better yet, write that book you’ve been dreaming about!

My favorite place to escape.

Get into your Yard

Get outside, springtime is perfect. Start by doing a spring clean up. Tend to tools with their annual maintenance. Plan and prepare a new garden, patio, outdoor barbecue area.

Clean out the Garage or Basement or Communal Closets

Need I say more… that is easily a few days worth of rolling up the sleeves.


Try moving around what you already have to change things up a bit. Rearrange furniture, mix up art work, change how you display your favorite items and keepsakes.

Play Boardgames

Break out the boardgames from your childhood and share them with your kids and grandkids. A good game of Scrabble, Monopoly and Life are all some of our faves. Newer family friendly ones that we love include Telestrations, Ticket to Ride and Apples to Apples.

Keep in Touch with Friends and Family

Lastly, during social distancing give a call, FaceTime, text. Connect over social media. Actually if you think about it, it’s not really social but physical distancing. Please reach out to someone if you are feeling down, depressed, blue or lonely. We are all in this together.  Remember those who live alone. Be sure to reach out to them too and check in our your neighbors. Now might be the time to get their phone number if you do not have it already.


Here are some more crafting ideas from the archives, you might have some of these things on hand. Do you have any other ideas to add to these social distancing ones that I have shared today? I’d love to hear what you are doing too.



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