Thirty Little Things: Week One

December 4, 2019

Lately, I find myself noticing the little things more after my loss last year. The little things are with us everyday. So, I’ve decided to invite folks on Instagram over the next few weeks to share the little things in life that bring a smile to your face or a flutter to your heart.  We have completed the first week and it has been so much fun, that I thought it would be nice to share my thirty little things with you.

Day 1

Thirty Little Things

Here in New England, the leaves have finally finished falling. As I was lamenting another round of raking, I could not help but notice how lovely and golden the maple leaves are. This one caught my eye. Perfectly imperfect.

Day 2

Thirty Little Things

I’m so very appreciative of the fresh herbs in my garden that will grace the turkey, stuffing and gravy including this lemon thyme. It is such a tiny little herb pack with such a lovely flavor.

Day 3

Thirty Little Things

Family friends purchased an old sea captain’s house this past summer. The house is hundreds of years old and had been neglected for quite some time.It had been in the same family’s hands since the 1800’s. Once in the house, they got to work- sorting through hundreds of years of junk, decaying dirt, not knowing if the would find any treasures. Each day was painstakingly exhausting but fulfilling. I watched dumpster after dumpster fill. Shortly following, my friend called over to see if I wanted to take a peek at some of the treasures they had uncovered. I could not resist.

There in the dark, worn and well-loved home on the dining room table was a boxed set of vintage ornaments. That day they came home with me. I am excited to give these old ornaments a cleaning today and spiff them up and perhaps, if we get to it today, hang them on the tree. Something old becomes new again. They just needed someone to believe in them again. Sometimes that’s all something many of us need in life.

Day 4

Thirty Little Things

Thirty Little Things- Buff Brahma Chicken

Chickens…gosh what can I say. I never in a million years that out that something seemingly so insignificant and little would end up being part of my big picture. I’m eternally grateful for that day when I took a leap of faith and started with a flock of our own. Today, I’m encouraging you to take those leaps fo faith. There is no time like the present.

Day 5

Thirty Little Things

Thirty Little Things- sunset at beach

For most of my life the seaside is where I’ve called home whether it is the Atlantic or Pacific. The ocean often called to me and I somehow forget that when I walk the shores it somehow makes me feel better. I’ve walked these dunes hundreds of times but this time, I breathed in deep to appreciate the beauty of where I call home.

Day 6

Thirty Little Things

Thirty Little Things- dog with Christmas tree

A sleeping pup and twinkling lights. It doesn’t get much better than this on a dreary rainy afternoon.

Day 7

Thirty Little Things

Thirty Little Things- first snow on coop and garden

Freshly fallen snow. Somehow a dusting makes everything more beautiful.


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2 thoughts on “Thirty Little Things: Week One”

  1. Hello Melissa,

    What a nice blog you have created! I have looked at your site before and find
    it sensitive and intelligent. I’m sorry, but I can’t find the post about your loss
    last year so I have no idea what happened, but you appear to be healing: wonderful.
    I’m writing to you regarding chickens and their social life. We had two Chinese
    Silkies, the cutest hens imaginable, and a few months ago an adolescent raccoon
    got into the pen and killed one. I think the survivor (Agatha) is lonely; I’ve always
    heard that chickens are social creatures and don’t like being alone. The problem is,
    we’re in California and have a terrible outbreak of VND (virulent Newcastle disease)
    and it is illegal to move any chickens right now (and I wouldn’t want to endanger
    Agatha anyway). Any ideas or opinions on the subject? Many thanks.

    • Hello! Oh Caroline, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your Silkie and the attack. Thank you too for your sweet thoughts. I lost my Dad. I would look into ordering some new Silkies from My Pet Chicken ( online and have them shipped into your state. Might that work? I do think you are right. It’s always a good to have at least 3 chickens to keep one another company. They do best in a flock. I hope this helps. Please keep me posted.


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