Spring Awakenings: Delights of the Season

May 15, 2019

Spring is my favorite season. I know I say that all the time, but I absolutely love it. Perhaps, it’s because of the new life that it promises, new chances and new beginnings. The air is crisp and clean and filled with song birds with swirl breezes filled with hints of early blooms around my head.  Lots of wonderful springy thing are happening around here. 

It’s been a very chilly and rainy spring. I think we are behind by about two weeks than our usual time course. I’m not complaining. I’m enjoy seeing things awaken.

We pulled the figs from the garage. We have to overwinter them there as it is much too cold where we live to let them go dormant on their own. It is always a gamble but this little one is still with us. I’m so very happy to see these delicate little leaves.

spring robin nest Tillys Nest

I am beginning to spy tiny little birds’ nests filled with eggs. They are so swoon worthy. I don’t dare spend too long admiring their wonder. Mother will be home soon and I do not dare disrupt her busy spring agenda.

spring lilacs tillys nest

Our lilacs are finally showing buds. It always seems like living in the Northeast by the time our lilacs start to bloom the rest of the country is celebrating their first tomatoes. Things are slow up here and I’m okay with that. Tomatoes will be here in August and September.

spring blue bells Tillys Nest

Perhaps one of my most favorite spring friends are the Virginia Bluebells. They remind me of Lily of the Valley in some sort of delicate ways. Their little bells are ready to be rung by the bees that dance among the flowers by buzz pollination.

spring nucs tillys nest

This past spring weekend I installed two new nucs in two of my beehives. It is always so exciting to get new bees. These ones have overwintered queens which I am super excited about. I’m hoping they take to our Cape Cod climate.  Last night it was 45 degrees, so I am sure they were deep into their cluster wondering if spring will ever arrive.

broody spring chickens Tillys Nest

Of course, the surest sign of spring are from the girls. This broody bunch only has one thing on their minds. I’m sure you can guess what that is.


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