Spring’s Promises Arrive

March 27, 2019

I’ve always loved birds. The intrigue and the lure of their world has always called to me, even in my dreams. As a little girl, I can remember having the most amazing dreams about flying. I was just high enough that when I would soar over the crowds, no one could reach me with their upward stretching arms. Now as part of spring’s promises, it’s hard to miss their singing. Because their songs start early, perched in the bushes and tree outside my bedroom window. Even more, I like to think that the birds are announcing spring’s arrival, just as regal trumpets would announce the arrival of royalty.

spring's promises- crocuses TillysNest

The crocuses have rolled out their majestic purple carpet. Soft and delicate, they spring from soil that is still chilled from the winter. Simple sweet little pops of purples and whites peek from beneath fall’s old lingering leaves and patches of stubborn snow. Like clockwork, the crocuses return each year. Early pollinators seek them out for pollen, a protein source that will be necessary for the seasons ahead. Spring has long been a favorite season of mine because with it comes promises, mostly of new life.  Glimpses of new life and life reemerging are all around.

As spring’s promises arrive, I can feel something change on the inside. Because it’s as if the dried, gray layers of winter, melt away into a new giddiness and excitement for the season ahead. Tree buds swell as they eagerly await the perfect sunny day to put on a show. The leaves are new, tender and light green.  Some have a sort of transparency that filters the light to the grassy floor below. I can smell the air change. The scent is crisp and clean, like the first day of sleeping on a set of freshly laundered bedsheets. The cool earth is moist and chilly between my fingers. Tender little plantings of lettuce will soon go into the ground.

In the chicken coop the eggs return. After a long winter with the very sporadic egg supply, I find myself forgetting to bring a basket. My shirt makes a good temporary substitute.


spring's promises- eggs in a makeshift shirt basket- TillysNest

Spring is a season of a renewal of hope. It is a season of happiness and gratitude, one of new life and promises of new beginnings. Because for some, it is a reminder that life will go one.  Even though it may be different than the one you had before, it still holds beauty and promises. For me, this spring is a special one. I needed to see the spring’s promises in a new light.


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