Heated Poultry Waterer Giveaway from Premier 1 Supplies

February 25, 2019

Over the last few years, I’ve become acquainted with the products offered by Premier 1 Supplies. They are such a wonderful resource for me at the Mother Earth News Fairs and I was very excited when the opportunity came to try their new heated poultry waterer. Tending to frozen waterers in the winter is one of the things that chicken keepers struggle with the most. As I am sure you can guess, I am excited to try out this new waterer.

I should start off by sharing that I do like the current heated poultry waterer that I have.  However, I find that the chickens seem to always make a mess and scratch dirt and debris into the reservoir. I find myself constantly having to give it a good scrub and in the winter as you can imagine, this is quite a feat. Using our outside water supply in the winter is very cold and my fingers tend to go numb within minutes of trying to maintain my current waterer. The plastic is a bit flexible but becomes rigid in the cold, making reassembly sometimes a challenge.

The Unboxing

Upon opening the box, I am very impressed with the quality of this heated poultry waterer. The plastic is very thick and durable. The waterer has a smartly designed interlocking lid that prevents your flock from perching on top of it. The lid’s handle is so durable, that it allows for hanging of the waterer if you so choose.  If you don’t want to hang the waterer, you can simply place it upon a couple of cinder blocks or a 5 gallon bucket. The waterer should be just above the chickens’ heads so they stretch out their necks to drink.

During freezing temperatures, you simply plug in the waterer.  It has a very long thick and sturdy sixteen foot cord!  As warm weather arrives, unplug the waterer.  A cap fits over the electrical connection on the waterer and the cord stores for use later again in the year.  This way, you can use the waterer year round. It also comes with additional replacement nipples just in case you need to make a quick swap out.

heated waterer Tilly's Nest

The waterer comes with a built in thermostat to heat the water only when necessary.

But the thing that excites me most about this heated poultry waterer is the nipple waterer system!  The nipples keep the water nice and clean inside. No more dirty water! This three gallon waterer lasts my flock of 8 about 5 days in the winter. I no longer need to wrestle with the waterer in the winter.

Introducing the Heated Poultry Waterer to the Flock

heated poultry waterer Tilly's Nest

The girls were quick to come in and inspect the new waterer.  To get them started, I placed a few sunflower seeds in the drip trough of each nipple.  Then, I removed the other waterer initially until the girls know how to use this new waterer.  I think the girls will be thrilled with this waterer and I bet they will like not having frozen beards. I’m excited about the fresh clean water for days from a much more maintenance free waterer.  For full waterer information and details, please visit Premier 1 Supplies.

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As a reminder when using any poultry waterer in the winter, check that water is always available for your flock even from heated ones.


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